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Alias: Legacy

Katya: "I find you sexy, Jack. Deal with it."

My favorite part of this episode was Katya's fling with Jack. As much as I miss Lena Olin, Isabella Rossellini's Katya is a lot of fun; she's so forthright and direct, with that sexy, throaty Ingrid Bergman voice. I don't know what she's really up to, but there's a possibility that she's sincere, that she really loves Sydney and Nadia. And she has a thing for Jack, so she has taste. I like her.

I find Nadia Santos appealing, too. She experienced a wretched childhood as a torture victim and an unwanted orphan, but she was still tough enough to become an agent, and brave enough to save Sydney's life while Vaughn was off seeking revenge. Like almost every other character on this show, I don't know if she has a secret agenda, but it might be interesting if they kept her around next season.

Speaking of character development, I'm lukewarm about what's happening to Vaughn. His sadistic rage at Dr. Lee just didn't ring true for me, although I did like Jack's attempt at bonding by giving Vaughn the keys to Jack's little death bunker. Could Vaughn's rage have been worsened by the inferno protocol? Probably not. It looks very much as if Vaughn is ready to murder Lauren. I'd hate to see that happen, for Vaughn's sake.

Sloane is on the loose again. At least we now know he's as bad as he ever was. Except he actually drew the line at outright murdering his own daughter. What a humanitarian.

Bits and pieces:

— Viveca A. Fox is back; I enjoyed the scene where she tried to enlist Marshall. Although I thought Marshall was foolish to tell a criminal who wants his services that he has a son. Marshall even showed her Mitch's photo.

— It was fun that Dr. Lee was an absolute coward under torture.

— Sloane had the nerve to quote the story of Abraham, adding himself to a long line of people who use the Bible to help justify their own agenda.

— During the final shoot 'em up, it started with handguns and escalated to machine guns. Then Lauren pulled out a bazooka. I don't know; I just found that funny.

— Part of me is enjoying all of these new familial relationships, while the other part finds it improbable. I wonder if Jack has brothers and sisters?

This week's...

... itinerary: Kyoto, Japan; Novgorod; St. Petersburg; and Cienfuegos, Cuba.

... hot look: Gotta go with the cut-offs and bikini top Sydney wore for her dip in Cuba.

Although we again had too many needles and an unfortunate bout of acid torture, this was another good one: three spies. But we have to wait three weeks until the season finale. Drat,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. The acid torture was odd, especially as the recurrence of the (admittedly interesting) Dr. Lee is starting to feel like an in-joke taken too far. Sydney, Will, and Vaughn have all caused the man serious harm. By the end of the show, he'll just be a head and a pinky finger.

  2. I think they really liked the actor who played Dr. Lee, plus he was in the pilot. That might be why they kept bringing him back.


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