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Alias: Masquerade

"I think that someone so skilled at deception is in danger of deceiving himself."

The Mom plot thickened, as Sydney slid off the hook and Mom took her place. We learned that Khasinau had a relationship with Mom – he was her superior in the KGB.

Jack is unraveling and drinking; he actually shocked me by showing emotion in that scene in the car in the rain. Jack must have loved Laura to be so upset, twenty years after her betrayal. Losing Laura almost destroyed him, which explains a lot about his character.

It also shocked me that Sydney turned him in for counseling. And I thought it was fascinating and fun that Jack was trying to charm the shrink, as well as lie to her. "How would you define a normal family?" "I suppose it's one in which the family members aren't under orders to lie to each other." Will he have to keep on lying to her every week?

So you run into an old boyfriend during an ultra secret double mission in Vienna. What do you do? What do you do? Noah Hicks (Peter Berg) is certainly cute and intriguing, but frankly, I didn't like him from the moment he very coolly cut into dead agent Wexler. Although you have to admire anyone who has the nerve to kid the scary interrogator, McCullough.

On the home front, Will and Francie, who are acting more and more like a couple every episode, found a ticket for Italy, not Seattle. Sydney has some 'splaining to do.

This week's cliffhanger was sex. That was new.

Bits and pieces:

— The credits this week were at the very beginning, after the previously on.

— Why didn't the Russian computer have Cyrillic letters?

— Whenever Sloane touches Sydney, it makes her cringe. And now she owes him one. This can't be good.

This week's...

... itinerary: Sunrise at Mount Whatever, Italy; Vienna; Arkhangelsk? Where's that? Russia?

... hot look: The Eyes Wide Shut masks over evening clothes.

Three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I don't really have much to say about this one. I don't like Noah, and I can't tell if that's just me not liking the actor, or if it's that he came out of the clear blue sky to create romantic problems for Sydney. It's great that she got laid (hooray!), but I'm not really feeling their chemistry or their backstory.

    Having said that: I loved the way Sydney used the spyjinks to manipulate her relationships. She listened in on Noah's debrief, and she used Devlin to get her father into therapy. Sydney is such an inherently good person that it's rather reassuring to see her doing exactly the sort of spying that others would do to her.

  2. I hated Noah! He ruined the first season for me because I thought the season was PERFECT except for his 2 appearances! The actor was extremely irritating and had zero charisma! Ugh, what were the producers thinking!
    Interestingly enough I believe the same actor later DIRECTED Jennifer Garner in The Kingdom so they obviously became close when he hired her for that!

  3. Wow. Strong feelings about Noah. He didn't bother me and, in fact, I think it added a dimension to this part of the series that was needed.

    We needed to see that (1) Sydney had options and (2) that she was moving beyond Danny. I'm also glad that she slept with someone other than Vaughn. Would never want him to the rebound guy!

  4. Sydney and Noah having sex was not about Sydney and Noah. As I've said before, Vaughn is the only person with whom she can be herself, but she can't have him. She can have Will, but she can't be her true self with him. With Noah, she can have a bit of a relationship (okay, sex) and she can be mostly honest with him. He is a stand-in, a rebound. She needs to have a rebound before she can ever have another real relationship. Maybe a part of her is hoping she can have it all with Noah, but even if she can't, she has hope for her own future.


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