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Alias: The Nemesis

Weiss: "This is why people from the CIA should not get married to people from the NSC, man. Don't poop where you sleep."

If it isn't dismembering on this show, it's teeth pulling. Geez Louise.

So was I right about the Rambaldi healing thing, or what? Is Sloane's arm knitting back together even now? Will there be scars, like Allison's? And what is he up to? Why does he want Sydney to be his handler? Which is, by the way, a completely bizarre plot twist that I absolutely loved.

Lauren is now free to focus on the Lazarey murder, but she can't tell Vaughn she's doing it. Vaughn knows who killed Lazarey, but he's forced to protect Sydney and lie to Lauren. It's having an effect on their marriage already. And Vaughn gave Sydney a lingering look while he was fastening the X-cam necklace. A romantic implosion must be approaching. We can only hope.

Allison is alive, and miraculously healed after six months in a Covenant hospital in Marseilles. Is it me, or does she have too much of an attitude now that she's not pretending to be Francie any more? Too bad Sydney didn't kill her.

In this week's Lazarey murder development, Lauren acquired a recording of Lazarey's phone calls. (Two videotapes of the murder itself, and audio tape all of his phone calls, too? Geez, is privacy dead in this world?) Lauren now knows that "Julia Thorne" killed Lazarey. How long until she knows Julia is Sydney, if indeed she is? After all, Julia could have been a double of some kind. We also now know that the Covenant wants Sydney alive so they can retrieve something in her memory. She'd better start remembering stuff soon.

Bits and pieces:

— Sark with his shirt off. Vaughn with his shirt off. Lauren in skimpy black undies. Can't be bad.

— Lauren's accent is finally explained; she was born in the U.S., but grew up in London.

— Julia's cover company is KNG Microtech. Does KNG stand for anything, I wonder?

— What's with the "You got the looks, I got the brains"? If Marshall proposed to me that way, I'd probably let him down gently. But then again, I'm not in love with Marshall. Unfortunately, I don't think Carrie is, either.

— We finally got to see Allison killing Francie. Sydney is still grieving for her; I think eventually she's going to kill Allison.


Vaughn: "Chin implant at three o'clock... collagen lips straight ahead... okay, those breasts are real... what do you think, should I get my nose done?"

Sloane: (to Sydney) "Ms. Reed is very able, but I'm afraid she cannot possibly comprehend the intricacies of serving two masters simultaneously. You were brilliant at it. The way you would walk into my office, look me in the eyes, and lie to me."

Sydney: (to Sloane) "Sucks being a double agent, doesn't it?"

Vaughn: "Either Allison's in there, or someone's making microwave popcorn."

Dixon: "I want that bitch dead."

This week's...

... McGuffin: A device that is essentially a skeleton key for Russia's nuclear weapons, invented by a guy named Lange, who has done a Michael Jackson.

... itinerary was a lengthy one: An ice rink in L.A.; Strassburg for Sark; Moscow for Lauren; Milan and Sofia for Sydney and Vaughn; Zurich for Sydney and Sloane; and Prague for almost everybody.

... language skill: Whatever Vaughn was speaking to that guard.

... hot look: A two-tone wig and an all white outfit for Sydney, along with a coordinated all-black outfit for Allison.

Another standard really good Alias episode,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. It is supposed to be Bulgarian. (Bulgaria- Eastern Europe;Black Sea) However, Sydney's talking sounds more like Russian because of the "n" in Izvinete(Sorry).

  2. This was great payoff for the Season Two finale, and a fun way to keep Francie/Allison alive in some form or another without it feeling forced.

    While I think Sloane is a slimy jerk, I do enjoy watching him take Lauren to task. He knows how to punch where it hurts, doesn't he?

  3. So why is Sloane taking Lauren to task (as Josie put it)? He is so calculating - everything he does is done for a reason, so what is it? Is he trying to drive a wedge between Lauren and Vaughn? Does he honestly care for Sydney and want her to be happy?

    And, Vaughn is starting to stress about his situation. It can't be easy. Let's admit it - Sydney is his true love. I don't doubt that he has love for Lauren, but Syd is his soulmate. Not that Weiss is much help. I don't think Weiss has feelings for Sydney, but he is going to look out for her. He's a good friend.

  4. FWIW, the "You got the looks, I got the brains" comment was Marshall referring to himself and Vaughn, not part of his proposal - at least that is how I took it.


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