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Alias: Repercussions

Sydney: "The fact that Arvin Sloane holds all the cards in this scenario is giving me a migraine."

There was way too much threatened dismemberment in this one. Or was there actual dismemberment? Sloane's pardon agreement involved betraying Kazari Bomani, and Bomani seemed pretty darned pissed off about it. It certainly appeared that he cut off Sloane's arm, although later in California, Sloane seemed to be fine.

We've been given hints that Rambaldi had the secret of immortality. Does Sloane know the secret, and does it have something to do with regeneration or super-healing? What else would make Bomani let Sloane go? And what is Sark's part in this? Did Sark kill all those people and spring Bomani just so that Sloane could recruit the guy?

And hey, can you believe Sloane says he'll be working for the Covenant but that he'll be loyal to the CIA? How incredibly convoluted. Which is why I love this show.

Moving on to the love triangle, I was indignant that Lauren had the nerve to tell Sydney to transfer out. Lauren is the outsider, not Sydney. At least Lauren realized pretty quickly how improper her threat, er, suggestion was.

Vaughn's little dream about Sydney kissing and stabbing him was very interesting. Almost as interesting as Walker telling Jack about the "most degenerate displays of sexual theater known to man." Jack was smart enough to realize Walker was trying to get him off guard, but it still ended badly; Jack killed Walker, anyway. So much for finding out what Walker knew about Sydney's life as Julia.

Sydney didn't actually hit the sheets with Walker in the past few episodes. If Julia was such a promiscuous sexual gymnast, how come Walker wasn't surprised about Sydney putting him off?

Bits and pieces:

— There were no credits in this episode. Did it run long or something?

— There were several really fun moments: Sydney getting a call from Simon in the middle of a car chase; Lauren's obvious enjoyment of said car chase; Marshall slapping Sydney on the butt; and Sydney under the table holding Marshall's nose.

— During the hospital corridor scene, Syd and Lauren's beepers went off. The code was 47.911. (Another instance of the number 47.)

— Sydney: "Hopefully, Bomani's got his revenge and Sloane is in incredible pain, or dead."

— Marshall: "I mean, the whole thing's pretty cool." (pause) "In a sick, horrible way."

This week's...

... itinerary: Spain, in the opening scenes; Paris, where undercover Jack contacted Walker about a job; Mexico City, with Lauren's first car chase; Le Havre, where Jack lost his temper; Osaka, where Marshall almost lost his hand.

... hot look: Gotta go with Marshall in that black cowboy outfit. It's a good look for him.

Another standard really good Alias episode,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Quick question: By placing the tracking device on dying Vaughn instead of the virus canister, Sydney sacrificed the lives of 800 prison guards and inmates for that of her friend/colleague/ex-lover.
    Sure, it was unintentional, but shouldn't someone be at least a little concerned about that?

  2. This was fun, and, as you said, very convoluted. I can't believe Justin Theroux gave Sydney the brush-off: "you can use the room"? Loser.

    There's been a lot of talk about rational thought so far this season, and I think that explains some of Lauren's behavior (as well as Sydney's): irrationality caused by the magnificent chick-magnet that is Vaughn. (Okay, I'm being a bit sarcastic.) If too many people start to act irrationally, though, it might get annoying.

  3. I love the fact that just a couple of days ago Vaughn was half dead and now he is sitting up and drinking a beer. God bless Alias time.

    I've always liked the scene in the hospital room with the four of them just hanging out. With Will and Francie gone, we don't get to see a lot of relaxed Sydney this year and it was nice to see her not working. And, I give her a lot of credit for how civil she was to both Vaughn and Lauren as she said goodbye. I'm not sure I could be that nice.

  4. Josie's comment on the last episode about JJ Abrams catching sight of an episode of Alias at someone's house and realizing he had no idea what was going on actually happened to me with this episode. I grabbed disc 2 to take with me on a trip without realizing I hadn't watched the last 20 minutes of episode 4 on Disc 1. I was lost for about half the episode! I tried to go onto 6, but I was even more lost!

    I agree Alias makes for good marathoning, but there was no way new viewers were jumping on board in Season 3.

  5. Actually, Lauren, YOU are the one who cannot handle the arrangement. Sydney seems to be handling it just fine. She is able to do her job, including saving Vaughn's life, while dealing with the fact that she is in a terrible situation. It bugged me that Lauren was pulling her weight this way. But, Lauren did manage to communicate two important things to Sydney - she has more authority within the task force and she is Vaughn's wife. Lauren is obviously threatened (with reason), but she is behaving like a child. Well, I'll chalk it up to being upset about her husband's condition.


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