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Alias: Remnants

Sydney: "Last chance to bail out."
Will: "You kidding me? I love this stuff."

I never figure out things ahead of time, but this time I did. I absolutely knew for certain that Sloane would have Lindsey taken out instead of Sydney, and I was right. But I also had the feeling Will would get killed during this episode. I'm glad I was wrong about that one, and glad that Will was able to avenge himself and Francie – at last.

The Sydney/Will thing was great, both in bed and out. He has an aptitude for this kind of work. Why can't we have Bradley Cooper back in the cast? With Vaughn off limits and Francie dead, Sydney could use a friend and a lover, and Will is now both.

Can't blame Sloane at all for having Lindsey killed; Lindsey desperately needed it. The one thing that didn't work for me was Jack and Vaughn magically being released from custody immediately afterward. What happened to the charges? What about government red tape?

So St. Aidan is Lazarey. And Lazarey is alive, one-handed, and broke. He seems to be a strong ally of "Julia Thorne's," and the fact that he's alive means, of course, that Sydney can't be convicted of killing him. Unfortunately, he's now in Sark's power, and Sark seems more than ready to commit patricide. All Sark did in this episode was shoot and torture people. How can Sark look so cute and be so evil?

Bits and pieces:

— Did Sydney really choose to erase her own memories? I had thought the dream memory of Sydney killing her other self meant she had a double, but maybe it was just symbolic.

— I was so sorry to see the David Cronenberg character die. At least he went out in a morphine glow. There are worse ways to go.

— Victor Garber sounded like he had a cold. Get better, Daddy Bristow.

— Will's experience with Alison has left him with post-traumatic dating syndrome. I thought that was pretty funny.

— The Rambaldi device contains human tissue? Is it Rambaldi's tissue?

— Jack and Vaughn did some more bonding while in custody together, although Jack telling Vaughn not to make Sydney his mistress probably soured it a little.

— No one seems to care much about fingerprints on this show. It always bothers me.

This week's...

... itinerary: Wisconsin; New Haven; Warsaw; Buenos Aires; Moscow; Graz; and San Pedro. Talk about circling the globe.

... hot look: I loved Will in leather, jewelry, and accent, even more than Sydney in purple fur.

Four out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. "How can Sark look so cute and be so evil?"

    Because he's a puckish agent of chaos, just like this little guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EMle83yVVA

    The fingerprints thing bothers me, too. My best useless explanation is that the CIA has classified all of its agents' fingerprints, so if a local cop runs the prints they get no match.

    Will and Sydney are sort of wonderful together.

  2. Okay...way to go, Will!!! He was so cute as the British rocker. Loved it!! I love that he is the one who killed Allison. And, I love that he and Sydney went to bed together. It was good for her and for him.

    So, Lazarey and Sydney/Julia were working together. It obviously has something to do with Rambaldi. Hmmm...

    Jack's warning to Vaughn was a good one. Not that Syd would ever become the other woman (or that Vaughn would ask her to), but Jack's right. Putting Sydney ahead of his marriage to Lauren is a bad idea for both Vaughn and Sydney. He needs to make a choice and make it a clear one.

    It was nice to see Sydney smile for real at the end of the episode.


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