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Alias: Search and Rescue

Marshall: "So what you're saying is, a large red ball plus contaminated water equals a city full of homicidal maniacs."

The whole "Rescue Irina" sequence and the scenes in the plane were just terrific, as well as touching. I especially loved the parallel of Irina being buried, as Sydney was earlier this season, and Irina realizing with a shock who Nadia was without being told. It sure looked like Jack killed her in that opening scene, which was confusing. I'm not sure why I didn't think of what happened to Francie.

For me, the big shocker in this episode was what Irina said offhand when Jack was praising Nadia, "I wonder who she gets that from." That is something a mother says to a father; it is NOT something you say to your ex about another man's child. Did you see Jack's subtle reaction to what Irina said? Nadia has to be Jack's daughter! Yes, they didn't tell us directly, but it has to be. Jack had a DNA test done to find out for certain if Sydney was his, which she was, but what about Nadia? Have we ever had more than Sloane's word? Irina would be the absolute authority on the subject, after all.

And if Nadia is indeed Jack's daughter, what is that going to do to Sloane? Nadia quite literally means the world to him. If he's still trying to redeem himself by stopping Yelena, will discovering that Nadia isn't his child after all push him over to the Dark Side, to Rambaldi and world domination? (I have Star Wars on the brain this week.)

<0> We were told many episodes ago that the brackets represent Sydney and Nadia, and that the circle in the middle is what they will fight for, to the death. Is the circle the big red golf ball that will cause the apocalyptic flood? Has everyone else figured that out already, and am I extremely slow?

The scene in the bar with Sydney and Vaughn trying to entice what's-his-face into a threesome was quite possibly the sexiest in the entire series. Sydney likes it rough? Vaughn likes it when Sydney is rough with him? Bite me? It reminded me of that bar scene with Sydney and Sark and the tequila, but more so, and having Jack and Marshall inadvertently eavesdropping was such a hoot.

They left us with a cliffhanger, or more technically, a plane hanger. Stay tuned.

Bits and pieces:

— The red golf ball floating over the buildings reminded me of Independence Day. It's the end of the world as we know it. Just like Vaughn's proposal, the Mueller device is a return to the pilot. Except it was a lot smaller then.

— Nadia finally found out that Jack killed Irina, and it was almost immediately irrelevant.

— "Irina's" watery death was a precursor of the watery apocalypse. Jack: "Why? I need a reason." Irina: "Because it had to be done." Irina's double basically confessed to the hit on Sydney. No wonder Jack killed her. Speaking of which, when did this happen? If it was eighteen months ago, was it in the middle of season three?

— Santa Barbara again, like the night Sydney disappeared for two years. She still didn't say yes; she said, "Ask me on the beach." This really looks bad for Vaughn.

— When they rescued her, Irina was not only underground, like Sydney was in "Tuesday," she was also wearing the same type of rope around her wrists.

— With all of them finally in the same room, I could see that Mia Maestro looks even more like Lena Olin than Jennifer Garner does. We still haven't seen the three Derevko sisters in the same room, though. Did you know that Lena Olin is Swedish, Isabella Rossellini is Italian (with a Swedish mother, Ingrid Bergman), and Sonia Braga is Brazilian? Not one Russian in the group.

— If they hadn't gotten Lena Olin, would they have re-cast Irina and done a plastic surgery plot? It would have been more believable than the helix protocol. Don't get me wrong, though; I'd still rather have Lena Olin.

— People who work for Yelena commit suicide way too quickly. Although I guess the answer to that is in the way I phrased it.

— There were a few things about this episode that reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the Apocalyse, Irina returning from the dead, Nadia's super fight scene with the sticks, and the Sydney/Vaughn roughness biting Buffy/Spike sex thing.

— Swirlies are a treat? He was just being tough, wasn't he?

— Have you noticed that whenever Sydney and Nadia go on a mission together, they dress alike?


Irina double: "Jack, this is cryptic. Even for you."

Vaughn: "Hey, I'm not complaining."
Sydney: "If I'm rough, it's because you like it when... (pause) are we on comms?"
Jack: "Yes, you're both on comms, right now."

Sydney: "He's French. I like the French. They're... tender."
Like a steak? She was biting him, after all.

Weiss: "I'd go with world domination, but that's always my go-to."

This week's...

... itinerary: Ibiza, Tikal, Sevogda, and a flashback in Vienna.

... hot look: Oh, my, the bar scene, Sydney's blonde wig and brief dress. And Jack and "Irina" in evening clothes. I'd almost forgotten how beautiful Lena Olin is; she even looks good in rags and bruises.

Four out of four spies, of course,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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