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Alias: The Descent

Yelena: "I'd heard you reformed."
Sloane: "I suppose I've been born again."

Irina is alive! I knew it even before the Lena Olin casting spoiler hit the net, though. What I'm finding hard to comprehend is Jack's certainty that he killed her. Jack isn't easily fooled. I thought for awhile that we might just get Irina in flashback, but if Dixon saw her, she's really alive. And isn't that grand?

Just last week, we were led to believe that Sloane has truly reformed, and it was very convincing. And this time, Sydney turned her back on Sloane and he ambushed her. Was he taking her out, or protecting her? I tend to think he was protecting her, just from the gentle way he laid her on the floor. That, and the scene with Dixon ("You can't stop this. Only I can. You have to trust me") had a ring of truth: Sloane looked outright sad when Yelena shot Dixon.

Vaughn asking Jack for his blessing to marry Sydney was a full circle return to the pilot, where Danny did the same thing and got killed. Which makes me think that Vaughn might die. Vaughn can't die! And it's not just that I adore him; won't they need him next season if Jennifer Garner really is pregnant? (It was funny that Jack's initial response to Vaughn was also sarcastic, much like his response to Danny... except I don't remember Jack actually giving Danny his blessing. He did eventually give it to Vaughn.)

So Yelena is after another Rambaldi assembly kit. At least we finally know, after four years, what Rambaldi's ultimate endgame is: the big A, Apocalypse. I did a frame-by-frame of Nadia's vision in Siena. Most of it is apocalypsey stuff, but the last frame is Nadia herself, very white, with red eyes. Uh-oh.

Bits and pieces:

— Dixon and Chase are having a hot affair! How utterly delightful. But why did they have to get Dixon crunched, again? Is that the third time this season? Dixon had better be okay; it would be just too sad if he died now that he's found love again.

— Loved watching Katya, as always, aggressively flirting with Jack. "I should warn you, I have quite a bit of stamina. But you already know that about me."

— Yelena ran the Covenant, too. Is there anything bad she didn't do? And hey, if she's so smart, how come she didn't take the medallion with her when she left?

— We finally got flashbacks to Sloane's Rambaldi-related madness in Siena, where he was literally walking on glass and acting all Darth Vader. (He even said, "Nadia, I am your father.") Sloane looked pretty badly injured by the broken glass, which reminded me of the Rambaldi healing fluid. Could we assume he took some along?

— Virgin Mary? Living embodiment? "My daughter is not an artifact."


Marshall: "I'm sure Mr. Bristow's going to be thrilled."
Vaughn: "Really? I'm just hoping he doesn't shoot me on the spot."
Vaughn sure knows Jack better than Danny did.

Nadia: "Sydney has her own laptop. She also has..."
Agent: "An assault rifle, a twelve-gauge shotgun, four handguns, two tasers, and a secret drawer of knives."
And a partridge in a pear tree.

Jack: "Time is running out, and she's the only Derevko we have."

This week's...

... itinerary: They sure got around this time. Cannes, Mexico, Prague, plus China and Siena in flashback.

... hot look: "Don't touch the fur. All right, you may touch the fur." "Put." "Do." Yelena also looked pretty hot in the black suit and ponytail; Sonia Braga is a beautiful woman.

This was a fabulous episode, all on its own. "The Descent" and "Search and Rescue" aired together, but they're very dense episodes so I decided to review them separately. More in part two,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. Sydney needs a man who won't seek Jack's blessing. Jack would respect more a man who does not seek his approval and is on the same level as him.


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