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Alias: Second Double

Kendall: "Now you're just mocking me."
Jack: "Yes."

Shuddery episode. The Sydney/Francie scenes were totally creepy, and Francie setting Will up to take the fall for her was inspired.

I was bummed at the beginning when I thought Will was going to be tortured again, and glad it didn't happen that way. I was also waiting for the obvious during the ambush on the road – for Will to be captured by Sark's guys, or for Will to prove his innocence by helping Dixon. Instead Will defended himself and got away. Go, Will.

Will said: "Syd, I love you, but I can't trust you any more. Meeting you destroyed my life." He has a point; poor Will has been victimized two years in a row. If there are innocent bystanders suffering in this story, it's Will and Francie. Will has been through so much terrible stuff, extreme torture, arrest, losing his career, and all he ever did to deserve it was become Sydney's friend. The real Francie was murdered for the same reason.

Kendall showed some very interesting hostility toward Sydney throughout. He said to her at first, "I'm getting bored with your hunches." Later, he said to Jack, "We can't keep letting your daughter's personal relationships take precedence." What's going on there? Is he just pissed at Jack for "taking his parking space" or is there more going on?

The Sloane/Jack scene at the outdoor cafe was delightful. ("I've missed your poker face.") Sloane seemed different, much calmer, not visibly grief-stricken any more. Whatever he learned in Nepal must have changed him. Irina said that Sloane believed he was "chosen." But we didn't get an explanation.

The Vaughn moments were even better, if that's possible, and Vartan got to do some fun stuff. I got a kick out of Sydney spraying Vaughn with champagne for his "cover," and the way he smirked at her when they decided to go get Dr. Jurgens at the leather club. I also thought the "Hello, honey." "Hello, dear," when they had Dr. Jurgens tied up was very cute.

Bits and pieces:

— There was an interesting parallel here. Last season, Jack didn't want Will killed, for Sydney's sake. This season, Irina did the same thing.

— Nothing quite like having your employer find tapes of you having sex.

— Looks like Will was in the same cell as Irina and Elsa. I guess that makes sense. How many cells are they going to have?

— When Sydney kissed Jack, he almost smiled. I saw it.

— Jack: "I'm not cut out for management, anyway."

— Another Ford Focus ad. Sorry, I love Alias, but I have no desire to own a Ford Focus.

This week's...

... itinerary: Berlin and Marseilles.

... hot look: The dominatrix outfit was pretty far out there (Vaughn: "I'm glad I'm not the one in leather." Syd: "You'd look cute in a teddy").

I have to give this episode four stars just for the scene in the leather club. (The rest of the episode was excellent, too.)

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. "Nothing quite like having your employer find tapes of you having sex." Especially when your employer is also your dad. :-)

    This was a great roller coaster ride of creepiness, enjoyment (Sydney and Vaughn are so cute together!), and the unutterable glee that I experience whenever Victor Garber gives a smackdown, whether it's to Terry O'Quinn or Arvin Sloane.

    The force of Dixon's grief and anger in the previous episode really paid off here with the strangling scene. I think that was the deal-breaker for Will and the moment at which he realized he just couldn't be a part of Sydney's life anymore. What a horrible thing to hear a friend say, though. It actually made me feel worse for Sydney than I do for Will.

    1. ……….Especially when your employer is also your girlfriend’s father. Poor Vaughns - not only did he have to see the tape of his and Sydney first night together, but then he had to listen to Sydney and Will talk about the ‘amazing’ kiss they shared. I wonder, if Vaughn already knew about the kiss. He and Sydney have been dating for a few months, so maybe they have had the conversation about exes/ pass hook ups etc. But judging by the look on Vaughn’s face when Sydney and Will were talking - I think that was the first Vaughn was hearing about the kiss.

  2. Sydney looks in hot in the sexy dominatrix outfit!!! Hot, hot, hot.

  3. I had forgotten what a bang this season went out on. The last three episodes have all been fantastic and so much fun to watch again.

    I agree about Will and Francie. They have gotten the pointy end of the sword, for sure.

  4. Sid kissing Jack on his cheek, and his look afterwards is my favorite part of this stellar episode.

  5. I don't really know why Sloane/Sark/Irina/fake Francie really need a video of Syd and Vaughn having sex. Everyone knows they're getting it on. Why do they need to see it? Or is it just to videotape their work conversations in the bedroom? Either way, it was creepy that fake Francie was watching them having sex.

    Anyway, Jack rocks. He's always looking out for Sydney, as he mentioned to Sloane later on. The moment Sloane recruited Syd was the moment Jack stopped being his friend and that just goes to show that he has always been the great dad that he is. Plus, I love that he is protecting her from the possibility that Will is dead.

    And Irina... She is protecting Sydney as well, although it's different from Jack. It is Jack's mission to protect his daughter from anything that may hurt her. Irina's mission is completely selfish, but she tries to minimize it's impact on Sydney. I'm not sure that came out the way I meant.

    Syd and Vaughn have become a natural couple. Their relationship originally stemmed from very intense circumstances, but they now have a bit of normalcy in their banter, which means that they truly enjoy one another.

    And, after being so concerned about whether Will has been "acting strangely" how come Sydney is not remembering the past few episodes where she has noticed that Francie is different? We've seen it. Sydney furrowing her eyebrows when "Francie" is behaving oddly. Wouldn't she recall that at this time? Or, is she just so focused on Will that the possibility of Francie being the one never occurs to her? Sydney is supposed to be so smart and intuitive and super-spy, but every once in a while, she misses the obvious.


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