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Alias: Spirit

Jack: "I understand it's been a difficult week."

What Jack did in this episode just blew me away.

When I was watching this episode for the first time, I wasn't sure what Jack's motivations were, and how he really felt about Sydney. Did he really love her? Was he actually KGB, after all? The moral ambiguity of what Jack did, and how he didn't hesitate for a moment to sacrifice Russek for Sydney, was just a fascinating insight into his character. He may even be more ruthless than Sloane – but it's now clear that he loves his daughter, and will do anything for her.

Sloane was unbelievably creepy and totally evil in this episode. Sydney is like a daughter to him, and he's ready to torture her? When he reached out to Sydney, I actually shuddered. We did learn here that the CIA betrayed him (although we don't know how), and that his wife has lymphoma.

Will foolishly continued his suicidal investigation and now he knows that it involves something called "SD-6," from a deposition in the trial of a David McNeill, who is now in Lompoc.

Vaughn has lost his heart to Sydney; he bought her a Christmas present. Vaughn also managed to fake out Jack. That took courage, and wasn't an easy thing to do.

In this week's cliffhanger, Jack has to kill Sydney? Somehow, I just don't believe that's going to happen. Especially now that we know for certain how he feels about her.

Bits and pieces:

— The scenes in Cuba were photographed with a yellow tint.

— Again, we saw Amy of the magenta hair.

— Russek has been a nonentity so far, inserted in earlier episodes in order to set up for this one, one assumes. Poor guy.

— Severin Driscoll wasn't in suite 47. Again with the number 47.

— Shouldn't Hassan have recognized Sydney?

— Will has succumbed to nineteen-year-old Jenny, probably because of not getting anywhere with Sydney. Although that's no excuse.

This week's...

... itinerary: Kenya and Cuba.

... hot look: Red sunglasses, pink lipstick, blonde hair... black bikini.

Four out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. What great nested narrative structure! Vaughn and Sydney talking about Vaughn's encounter with Jack; flashing back to that encounter with Jack; flashing back to Jack changing the feed at SD-6. Awesome.

    I also loved Sloane's talk about the approaching darkness. It's not just the omnipresence of the past in the present, it's the looming tragedy in the future. Sloane made me feel sorry for him, even as I resented his ability to turn a personal betrayal into a crazed vengeance against all that is holy, American, and apple pie. (That sentence ended weird.) Staring up at a monument, haunted by something that is yet to come, is a very evocative image.

    Also, how cool was it to see Jack get to show off his fighting skills? Victor Garber totally owned that crashed onto the table.

  2. Love watching Vaughn bluff Jack. When these two men face off, sparks fly. Fun to watch!

  3. Not only did Vaughn lose his heart to Sydney, but he finally grasped the complexity of the situation that she and Jack are in. He wanted to blame Jack for killing Russek, but ultimately learned that Jack's first and foremost allegiance is to his daughter. In fact, neither Jack nor Syd have a real allegiance to the CIA. Jack's is to Syd and currently, Syd's is to Danny. This was clear during the Color Blind episode when she tells Vaughn that she can't stand to lie to him too. Not the CIA, but him. It's all too personal for Syd (and Jack) and Vaughn is starting to get it.


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