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Alias: Trust Me

"Guess it's two-for-one day on blackmail."

And I thought my family was dysfunctional.

The very dislikeable Assistant Director Kendall is back, played by the very talented Terry O'Quinn. And he's the one holding Irina, and pressuring Sydney to interact with her. Getting in to see her was like visiting Hannibal Lector, wasn't it? It was very touching of Vaughn, who has his own issues, to go confront Irina in Syd's place. (And it was creepy that it only took Irina about ten seconds to figure out whose son Vaughn was, and that Vaughn cares for Sydney.)

Sydney said at one point, "I don't support the death penalty, but I hope that she dies for all that she's done." Sydney may think that she's on top of her feelings for her mother, but she's lying to herself. That final scene where Sydney was laying down the law to Irina was terrific, but I get the feeling it was just what Irina wanted all along – to get a rise out of Sydney. Am I completely off base thinking Darth Vader here? Is Irina there to turn Sydney, or possibly Jack?

One scene I absolutely cannot wait to see is Jack and Irina in the same room for the first time. He can't talk about her without exploding. I love it.

So SD-6 has Irina's blackmail disk, and the CIA doesn't. Sloane is already using it, as poor Peter Fordson now knows. Plus the Derevko Operations Bible is still out and about. Bet we'll hear about that again.

Sloane is now a full-fledged member of the Alliance. What did they inject into him as part of the initiation procedure? A remote-control caplet that will kill him if he turns or is captured? Or was it something else?

Bits and pieces:

— Weiss is still alive and is going to be okay. Khasinau is reportedly dead, though. Why exactly did Irina kill him?

— Was anyone else shuddering when Sloane took Sydney's hand and said he was there for her? Eeeeee...

— On the home front, Will gets probation, treatment, and community service, Francie decides to paint her new restaurant red, and Will offers to help her get a legal liquor license. Francie has always seemed like a pointless character to me, but I realize that her function is to inject normalcy into Sydney's life. Francie is there for contrast; she's living the life Sydney can't have.

— May I say that Vaughn looks way hot in all black?

This week's...

... geographical highlights: Rabat (where's that?), Helsinki, and London.

... coolest moment: Sydney jumping off the balcony right before Sloane saw her.

... hottest moment: Jack reacting to Irina's intel instructions for Sydney.

... hair report: we got Jennifer Garner's own hair, piled up and sexy, plus a cool, black, flippy wig.

... language skills: Syd's very impressive Italian.

Three out of four spies, and I'm very much looking for a Mommy/Daddy scene next week,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I love the way Lena Olin uses her eyes and just hints a smile at times.
    Great actress! She was a superb addition to the series...

    And BTW, Rabat is the capital of Morocco...

  2. This was another good one, although it raises a difficult question.

    I promise I'll only say this once: Why is everyone on the show so shocked that people from other countries operate against American interests? Isn't the CIA doing just that, in trying to take Rambaldi artifacts and other things away from these countries? That is, Irina didn't betray her country: she worked really well for the Russians. It's a bit much, sometimes, to swallow the idea that Alias seems to imply: all people, regardless of citizenship, must love America.

    Okay, political rant over.

  3. One fantastic touch the writers did was have both Irina and Sydney have the habit of tucking their hair behind their ears. Learned or inherited behavior?

  4. Vaughn is getting better as a partner for Sydney in the field (I thought he wasn't field rated?).

    The best part of this episode was Irina's smile at the end. So many possible interpretations! Personally, I think she is proud that Syd stood up to her. I don't think Irina was trying to get a rise out of Syd, but that she was almost pushing Syd tostand up for herself, which she does at the end.

    Great dynamic between Sydney and Irina!

  5. Oh, and Josie is 100% right! Irina is not a traitor of the US. She is an enemy, though.


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