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Dexter: Truth Be Told

Dexter: "I do know that Deb's fallen for you. Hard. You hurt her..."
Rudy: "And you'll hurt me."
Dexter: "Something like that."
Rudy: "Oooh."

The mask came off. Rudy fulfilled Debra's fondest dream, and then he did much, much worse than break her heart.

Since kidnapping Debra was practically a declaration of war, I had to assume at this point that Rudy was after Dexter for something more than "playing" together. The supposedly unemotional Dexter was very upset about Debra's disappearance. In fact, Dexter was practically a bundle of nerves (for him, anyway) even before Rudy took Debra, with returning memories of the boy in the blood freaking him out. His records source, Camilla, destroyed the original police report as a favor to Harry. It must have been a horror show.

Poor Debra. As Rudy said, so desperate to fall in love. He had to put the truth in front of her several times before she finally realized what was happening, way too late. Debra is a sweetie, a courageous, dedicated cop, and a good sister to Dexter, and I've become very fond of her. I even love her mouth. She'd better not die, dammit.

The importance of the truth carried over to the subplot with Rita. She never told the kids the truth about their father because she thought she was protecting them; by doing so, she was protecting Paul and setting herself up as the bad guy. Rita made Paul explain to his kids how he ended up in prison again. It was just hilarious that Paul didn't have a clue. He really, really didn't. I could feel sorry for him, but I really, really don't.

Freaking big cliffhanger. Rudy was heading out to sea with Debra, and all I could think of was that was where Dexter drops his victims. I swear I could actually feel the tension escalating throughout this episode. I was really glad I saw this season on DVD because I could watch the finale immediately afterward. It must have driven Showtime subscribers nuts.

Bits and pieces:

-- Dexter's mother, Laura Moser, was killed on October 3, 1973, which is where the number 103 came from. If Dexter was three years old at the time, it answers my question about how old Dexter is now.

-- Rudy wrapped the hooker up in nice gift-wrapped pieces before putting her under the tree. Quality bows, too, with holly. None of those cheap bows made by machine, no sir. It reminds me of the punchline of a horror story I read years ago: Monique the hooker was decorating the tree.

-- Rudy gave Debra the ring he took off Monique. Cheap bastard.

-- Vince was actually serious at first; no jokes while Angel was on his deathbed. And more heartbreak: Angel nearly died and his wife still wants a divorce.

-- The artificial snow in the Christmas sequence intrigued me. Fake, abnormal, pretending to be something it wasn't... it felt like it symbolized something, but I wasn't quite sure what.

-- Doakes got more aggressively nasty with Dexter than usual. For a change, Dexter reacted strongly.

-- The Maria/Matthews chess game ended with her defeat. You don't screw with the boss, Maria. It's too bad, too. I've actually grown to sort of like Maria.


Debra: "Wine and valium? I'll be totally helpless."
Rudy: "You read my mind."

Camilla: "Haven't seen much of you lately."
Dexter: "No rest for the wicked."

Little woman in elf costume: "Who'd do something like this so close to Christmas?"
Little man in elf costume: "The Grinch."
Little woman in elf costume: "You're a fucking riot, Max. Like anyone's going to go shopping down here after this. There go our jobs."

Vince: "Ho ho ho, another dead ho. Somebody's been naughty. Hey, Morgan. Want to sit on my lap when we're done and tell me what you want for Christmas?"
Debra: "And he's back. No, thanks. The last thing on my wish list is a burning sensation when I pee."
This was the first time I thought Debra enjoyed the banter. She didn't used to smile when Vince said suggestive things to her. Maybe it was Vince actually being upset about Angel that did it.

Dexter: "Harry had a code. He'd never ask you to destroy evidence."
Camilla: "Your father was a decent man and an honest cop, but what he saw in that cargo container changed him. You were left there for days, starving, in blood two inches thick."
Hey, do you think it changed Dexter, too?

Maria: "Tell me that did not just happen."
Doakes: "It's who you know and who you blow."

Dexter: "Thinking Rudy attacked Batista doesn't make any sense. He's a loving boyfriend, he spends his life helping people in need, he brought me steaks..."

Since this one ended in a monster cliffhanger, I'll hold my rating for part two,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Rudy giving her Monique´s ring is pretty bad and of poor taste. And the truth in the title was about Rita and the kids, Dexter and her mother and Debra and Rudy. Poor Debra, I love her so!

  2. I said in another comment that Dexter feels much more than even he understands. This episode was a perfect example of that. He is stressed out by his recovering memories (who wouldn't be!) and he is frantic about Deb.

    Can I just say, so am I. The tension this show ratchets up is intense. I am worried about Deb and I am worried about what Maria is going to do. Her fury, although she did bring at least some of this down on herself, is scary.


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