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Six Feet Under: The Eye Inside

Lisa: "It's not good for Maya to be around that kind of hostile dementia. If that's what I wanted for her, I'd be living with my mother."

Don't pretend to be what you're not. Which is exactly what Nate is doing.

Nate's life is a lie. The only glimpse we had of the real Nate was when he was masturbating in his car, right before going home and telling Lisa and her breast pump that she was a "fountain of life." He only showed emotion when Lisa quit her job and they had to move back into the Fisher house. We know why, too. Lisa and Maya represent life, and his job represents death. And now he can't keep them separate any more.

Carol Ward in a bed tent smearing chocolate cake all over her sheets was freak-out infantile. Even though it was completely irrational, Carol actually wanted Lisa to get rid of her husband and baby and take care of Carol, instead. No wonder Lisa just snapped. I think this was the first time I almost liked Lisa. Almost. Lisa was also pretending to be what she wasn't, and just couldn't do it any more.

On the more positive and unpretentious front, Claire finally got that life-changing teacher, an outrageous professor who broke all the rules and showed her the key to expressing herself. She extended that insight into her life, and decided she would no longer let Phil define their relationship. Claire is an amazing young woman, and Phil just tossed her away because he couldn't be faithful. His loss.

And a vacation together may have done Keith and David a lot of good. David was intimidated by the resort because he didn't see any other gay couples. But Keith refused to hide or pretend, and he made David feel the same. David and Keith loudly and boisterously singing together in bed was so much fun. That was my favorite scene.


— Claire's prof Olivier said that art should make you feel nauseous because your gut was farthest from your brain. But that was what Callie, the opening death, did. She had a gut reaction to the men chasing her and panicked, and it killed her.

— The lyrics of "Rocket Man" were sung by David but applied to Nate. "I'm not the man they think I am at home."

— Stealing lipstick may not be life threatening, but Ruth was also putting herself in danger by pretending she enjoyed shoplifting in order to keep a new friend. At least it was Kathy Bates this time, and not another inappropriate boyfriend.

— Claire told Phil to piss out the window so her mother wouldn't know he was in the house, so again with the pretense. Although only the avocado tree was in danger.

And pieces:

— "Callie Renee Mortimer, 1984-2003."

— Nate's natural empathy for their customers made Rico feel inadequate. Does that mean no more prima donna tantrums for Rico?

— Claire was lying to Phil about having orgasms, wasn't she?

— Ruth makes me laugh out loud in nearly every episode. This time it was the glasses with the tag hanging on her nose.

— I agree with Russell that A Clockwork Orange is mandatory viewing for all humans.

— One of the students in Claire's class (the one who liked Kandinsky) was played by Zachary Quinto, Sylar on Heroes and star of the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie.


Ruth: "I just love the fresh air."
Bettina: "It smells a lot like dog crap."

Bettina: "My daughter was into that for years. She was a group leader. She inspired thousands of people to change their lives. Now she's hoarding firearms in a compound in Montana."

Callie's sister: "They were all in a state of shock that a woman could be terrified by a group of men chasing her at night."

Carol: "I just need to have my cake in a nice safe white place today."

Carol: "It's not that challenging to find street parking."
In L.A.? Come on. Yes it is.

Ruth: "A woman's hair is the gateway to her sensuality."
Bettina: "Not the hair on her head, honey."

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. Yes, Claire was lying. That was my gut reaction to that scene and believe me, as a woman, I know. Yet he thought she had two. Wonder why?


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