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Six Feet Under: The Secret

Taylor: "Secrets are so stupid. People always find out about secrets."

It wasn't just Karla's ugly hit and run, of course. It was also Nate not telling Brenda about his imminent accidental fatherhood, and Brenda not telling Nate about her new sexual weirdness that just escalated into threesomes with strangers in Orange County. You can practically feel the two of them about to implode.

The advent of fatherhood was definitely getting to Nate. That dream he had about all the kids he could have fathered had an obvious meaning: Nate may be dying. What's the only way in which humans can continue to live on after they die?

Keith may have just become an accidental father, too. Rough for little Taylor, but I can't be unhappy about the toxic Karla being out of the picture. Keith would be a much better parent for Taylor — as would David. But Keith and David appear to be in trouble, too. Keith didn't want David's furniture around, meaning that he didn't really want David around. David realized that Keith was still blaming all of their problems on David. And I thought these two had the show's only functional relationship.

Ruth and Nikolai broke up. Nikolai wanted to be alone farting in his dank apartment, while Ruth wanted to line his dresser drawers with contact paper. His tenure as an unwanted houseguest hammered home that they just didn't have anything in common. Just as well. I never thought that relationship would go anywhere, anyway.

Finally, Claire discovered a new obsession: photography. And a lack of educational options. Was she depressed, as Bern said? Maybe. I thought it was more likely that Claire just didn't like any of her choices. She needs some new choices.


— The opening death showed a man dying of a heart attack while taking out the recycling. Yes, obviously, reincarnation, but I also think it could apply to having kids.

— Margaret and Bern were a dysfunctional, exhibitionist sideshow, as usual. Unfortunately, Brenda is turning into them, in spite of herself.

— Buddha knows everything. No secrets from Buddha.

— Appropriately, as Lisa was telling Nate off in the final scene about not being serious about fatherhood, the bus of death went by. It was a school bus.

— People sometimes don't pick up their loved ones' cremains. What did that symbolize? Not taking responsibility on a basic, serious level for someone you loved?

And pieces:

— "Benjamin Srisai, 1935-2002."

— I love Joanna Cassidy. Margaret Chenowith may be a horrendous mother, but she truly doesn't see herself that way. And my god, she's funny.

— Ruth told Brenda that she loved her, and loved her spirit. Wanna bet that won't last when it all hits the fan?

— Loved the kitchen table scene. The Fisher sibs were all lying to each other as they ate Fruit Loops instead of real food because Ruth had gone out for the night. Then Ruth came home unexpectedly and didn't tell them where she had been. Secrets.


Lisa: "You know what's weird about dead people?"
Nate: "Everything?"

Lisa: "When I die, I want to be one big mess. That's what life is. Messy."

Parker: "These are so sick."
Claire: "Thanks."

Brenda: "I know that what I'm doing is a little strange. I mean, most people who are engaged to someone they really love don't have sex with strangers. (pause) Or maybe they do."

Nate: "Maybe that's just what a relationship is. Constantly doing things you have absolutely no desire to do."

Claire: "Okay, there's way too many flyers with the word 'Baptist' on them."

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. Holy Crap, Brenda just had a threesome with Bill Buchanan!

    I think Nate's dream was his subconscious telling him to start using condoms. Random thought: South Korea has such a high abortion rate that it suggests they use it as a form of birth control.

    I felt so sorry for Claire. She (or the SFU DP) took some really professionally looking pictures. She should tell her mom about it. Well, her mom should ask her about it, really.

    I finally recognized Kellie Waymire (playing Melissa Hooker) from a role on ST:ENT where her character inexplicably disappeared because the actress had died. I see that this episode is the last one she appeared in. It feels sad somehow: she died twice before I knew her.


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