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Heroes: The Kindness of Strangers

Noah: "If the wrong person comes into her life, it could be... problematic for all of us."

This week, instead of five minutes with each member of the cast, we got more of a concentration on certain characters. Which can be good. But we didn't get either Peter or Hiro, and I always feel a bit cheated when there's no Peter. And they're still laying story foundation, so it feels like not a lot is happening yet. Again, much like last season. I can wait.

Mexico, not Maui: It's probably not funny, but I laughed out loud when the Supertwins did a Good Samaritan and picked up Sylar. The poor guy has lost his powers and is calling himself Gabriel Gray again, but I expect him to get better quickly and eat the Supertwins for breakfast. (You could almost see Sylar licking his lips, like he was envisioning a delicious superpower buffet.)

I don't know why Sylar sometimes makes me laugh when he's actually pretty scary, but I kept hearing him in my head doing a Blanche DuBois imitation, complete with falsetto and Southern accent. "Ah have always depended on the kahndness of strangehs."

Sylar would probably have a cow if he knew whose car he was driving. Some people have mentioned that this Rogue was a different color than Claire's, but frankly, the coincidence level for Gifted people has always been off the charts and if it's not Claire's car, what was the point of the late Derek from New Jersey stealing a Rogue in the first place? Other than product placement for Nissan, of course.

Costa Verde, California: Claire did a smart thing, distracting Noah from her big lie with a smaller lie about longing to be a cheerleader again. But she also did a stupid thing: she started trusting West. What was she thinking? (Yes, I know, hormones, not thinking, but I thought Claire was smarter than that.)

It's certainly possible that West isn't a villain or a plant, but there's no way to know for sure at this point. Claire, he's still a stranger. Please use your head and stop trusting this guy, romantic trips to the Hollywood sign or no romantic trips to the Hollywood sign. Plus, eventually, Noah and West are going to collide, and it won't be pretty.

Washington, D.C. and New York: In this week's hair report, I'm so glad that Nathan shaved off that horrendous beard. He's got longer hair now, too. He looked good... except in the mirror. I'm pretty sure Nathan has a Niki-like alter ego. Maybe Mirror Nathan really did kill Sulu. And maybe Nathan will discover this when he and Matt start working on the case together. I'm just glad Nathan is back in the story. He's one of my favorite characters. He's so wonderfully ambiguous.

New York: Mommy Mohinder and Daddy Matt just had their first big fight, and I'm with Mohinder on this one. Matt was probably blindsided by discovering his father was the antichrist, but he never should have asked Molly to find the guy. I actually thought for a moment that Molly would die. Clearly, something terrible did just happen to her. And now, Nightmare Parkman knows where the Parkman-Sureshes live.

We finally learned why there's been no mention of Baby Parkman: Janice's baby isn't Matt's. (I thought so.) Poor Matt. I bet that was why he started bonding so much with Molly.

For me, the most intriguing part of the episode was about The Original Twelve Superheroes Who Went Bad. Eight of them are still alive. I think. I'm still confused. I thought Kaito Nakamura said that he and Angela weren't Gifted, but now I think she is, and he probably was. But if the killings are supposed to correspond with the remaining eight paintings, why is the last painting about Noah Bennet? Could it be because the killer is one of them, and that makes only seven still to die?

The group shot (taken on the roof of the Deveaux building) included several characters we already know, and several that we don't:

First row: Unidentified woman, Linderman, Petrelli Senior (with his head turned away, which looked weird), Angela Petrelli, Kaito Nakamura, Bob Midas, unidentified woman, Nightmare Parkman.

Second row: Unidentified woman who could possibly be Uhura, Charles Deveaux, two unidentified men.

Yes, she was protecting Gifted people, but Angela was also covering for whoever really killed Nakamura. Was she covering for Mirror Nathan? Maybe she's just super depressed because she believes Peter is dead. And maybe she realized that she might be safer in prison. Except I almost expected her to DL her way out of the handcuffs.

New Orleans: As Micah was using his superpowers to get Pay-Per-View, we got to know his cousin Monica Dawson and her interesting new superpower. She made a rose out of a tomato and did a major wrestling move on an attacker, and all because she saw it on television. Can she imitate anything she sees, or just what she sees on the tube? If she watched a Superman movie, could she fly? And what did Micah just do to her? Was he really trying to "fix" her dreams? That was really sweet.

Bits and pieces:

-- We have a new cast member: Dana Davis, whom I'm assuming was Monica Dawson. I like Monica a lot more than our other new cast member, Maya. Of course, they're making Monica a lot more sympathetic.

-- Micah appears to be adjusting well. Living with Dawsons is probably less traumatic than the family circus with Niki, Jessica, DL, and hit men from the mob.

-- The portrait of Chandra Suresh on the back of the Spanish edition of "Activating Evolution" had his face mostly rubbed out. A little symbolism there, since he did get rubbed out by the man who was holding the book.

-- I liked the mentions of what's going on in New Orleans. I swear sometimes it's like people don't even remember that the fallout from Katrina is still happening.

-- What was with the cockroach? Just symbolic that Sylar might survive everyone? Does Sylar really have cockroach powers, after all?

-- Nightmare Parkman was in Philadelphia. Although I assume he's on his way to New York at this very moment.

-- Weird eyeball closeups. The "godsend" sign was in Molly's eyes. And the television stuff was in Monica's.

-- Noah Bennet and the Haitian are off for Odessa, but in the Ukraine, not Texas. Another lead on the paintings.

-- It's good to know that Mr. Muggles can power walk.


Monica: "Half the people in this county are living in FEMA trailers, and you want to spend good money to watch grown men jump around in their underwear."
Uhura Dawson: "You can walk down Bourbon Street for that."

Angela: "Don't let your children hate you. Not if you can help it."

Lyle: "The library. Haven't you ever heard of the internet?"
Claire: "Actually, the research paper is on libraries and how during the digital age, they're becoming increasingly obsolete for our generation." Since the advent of the internet, usage of libraries is actually up, not down; it's a statistical fact. Not everyone can afford their own computer, after all. And publishers are publishing more books now than they ever have. Okay, I'll shut up now.

Two stars? Three?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. Odessa....Ukraine. That was funny. Could they make Molly look any more annoyingly cute.


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