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Smallville: Bloodline

Oliver: "Phantom Zone, huh? Seriously. Who names these things?"

We got explanation and set-up for Davis. And resolution for Kara.

So Davis Bloome is actually another Kryptonian. Sort of. An organic creation of Zod's, huh? That Zod guy just won't go away. And Kara, trapped in the Phantom Zone, was actually cooler and more fun than last season. Not that I want her to return to the cast. I even thought for a moment that they might kill her off, or (ick) leave part of her in the Phantom Zone, but no. She's off to find Kandor. Good luck with that, Kara.

(Before hunting down their "son," Fayora, wife of Zod, stopped somewhere, had her hair done, put on make-up, and dressed to the nines. Kara looked better almost immediately, too. Maybe superpowers make you superbeautiful, sort of like Interview with the Vampire.)

So Lois moved in with Clark, and moved right back out again. (I kept thinking of that continuing joke in the movie Airplane – she picked the wrong day to move in.) The two of them living together could have been interesting, especially if Lois was ready to pursue Clark. Although it would have screwed up Clark's supercommuting.

I was pleased when they added Justin Hartley to the cast, but now I'm wondering what they're going to do with Oliver. Yes, he got to do some breaking and entering to back up Clark, but Oliver as a character is starting to feel like he's hanging around the edges, like Whitney or Pete, or even Jason Teague.

At least Oliver is worried about Chloe. About time somebody starts worrying about Chloe.

Bits and quotes:

— I liked the blinking lamp during Davis' "death scene." Good visual as well as good metaphor.

— Lois: "What's the funky paperweight for?"

— Oliver: "Hallmark didn't have any 'Welcome back to Earth' cards, so..."

I'm not feeling objective about Smallville these days, but it was an exciting episode with a lot of interesting set-up. Three stars?

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

1 comment:

  1. At least Oliver is worried about Chloe. About time somebody starts worrying about Chloe.

    It was right about this time that I began to ship Oliver and Chloe. She can do so much better than Jimmy. Nice guy, but not good enough for our girl.


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