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Smallville: Abyss

Jimmy: "I just got hit with a major bridal wave."


I'm really sad that Clark chose to delete Chloe's memories of his secret. One of my favorite things about Smallville for the past few seasons has been Chloe as Clark's confidant, or as she once referred to it, his krypto-hag. I think Clark made a mistake. Chloe is right in the middle of meteor freak central and she works with Oliver and the League, after all. Clark was her secret weapon. And now he's not. Not knowing what Clark is essentially leaves her defenseless.

Of course, we all know why Clark did it; he's trying to protect Chloe. He reconstructed the Fortress and Jor-El, and in keeping with our "Clark is finally an adult this season" theme, Clark has completely changed his relationship with Jor-El. Clark's fear of his mysterious and powerful "father" is gone. Clark has now internalized the fact that Jor-El is just a construct, and that the construct is there to do Clark's bidding. Good for Clark. Psychologically and mythologically sound, too, with the son vanquishing the father and all.

It was interesting that, as her memory dissolved, the only person Chloe could remember was Davis. It had to be because of the Brainiac/Zod/"Doom" connection, but Davis was convinced it was significant and meant something romantic. He seems genuinely hot for Chloe, which only goes to show that even someone who is apparently "Earth's ultimate destroyer" has good taste.

And Davis was, again, a nice guy here. A bit fast with a hypo, but certainly not looking like a future supervillain. Although we can certainly tell that the supervillain is coming. Mostly because they told us so in the end: "Doomsday is coming."

Bits and pieces:

— A little blast from the past: Chloe created another Wall of Weird as a memory aid.

— And another blast from the past: there was a flashback to an early Clark/Chloe encounter when they were kids.

— And a third blast from the past: mention of Lana. I sort of loved Jimmy saying "Lana" and Chloe saying "Who?" If only it were really so.

— Nice effects as Chloe's memory was disintegrating, with stuff just vanishing from sight.

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


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