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Smallville: Blue

Chloe: "You said it was bad, but I didn't expect Raging Bull bad."

It's always trouble when Clark doesn't listen to Jor-El, isn't it? You'd think he'd know better by now.

This episode was like a Kryptonian convention. That was one powerful crystal: creating Kryptonian replicants and blue rings out of thin air, nearly causing the end of the world. Wildly illogical, but this is a series based in a comic book universe, after all. (So why did it bother me?) Lara showed up looking like Helen of Troy (Helen of Slater), and Zor-El was like the brother-in-law version of Zod. You could tell he was trouble when he showed up in that black leather duster.

A lot of this episode was pretty cool, don't get me wrong. This was probably the most superpowers we've seen in a single episode. It was sweet that Clark got to sorta kinda meet his biological mother, and that she was beautiful and good and courageous and self-sacrificing, just as advertised. Clark's relationship with cousin Kara solidified, too; she turned against the Zor-El replicant because it was the right thing to do.

But, and you knew there was a but coming, how on earth could Julian Luthor still be alive? That's breaking some major continuity, and it made me uncomfortable. Unless Lex created a clone of his dead brother, or something. (Apparently, I really want there to be clones this season.) And those rhyming Kryptonian names. Zor-El and Jor-El. Lara and Kara. I know they're right out of the comics, but they still sound silly. Speaking of which, where was Jor-El? With all those goings-on at the Fortress, why didn't he speak up? You'd think he'd at least say hello to his wife.

On top of the El family conflict and Lex arguing with his brother Grant/Julian, we had cousins Chloe and Lois still competing in the bullpen. Lois has an unfair advantage, though, since she's still sleeping with Grant/Julian on the sly. Yet another female cast member has fallen for a Luthor. Those bad boys. Hard to resist. I think it's time I gave up on the whole idea of Clark Kent and Lois Lane becoming a couple. They're obviously never going to get to it. How silly of me to keep expecting it to happen.

Bits and pieces:

— Blue K takes away Clark's powers completely. Plus it must contract somehow, or Clark could have taken it off his finger. (I'm kidding.)

— At first, Lara thought Clark was Jor-El. But we knew there was a strong resemblance already.

— Zor-El said Jor-El was a feeble-minded pacifist. Except Lara said Jor-El always kept a dagger in the house.

— Kara came back from Coast City. Which coast? It reminded me a little of Shell Beach in Dark City.

— Lionel got sent back to the hospital again. It's amazing the man can still walk around. How many glass coffee tables has he gone through by now?

— The "Lindberg Baby Kidnapped" headline we saw in a previous episode was framed and on the wall.

— We were left with a mini-cliffhanger. Kara has apparently touched down in Detroit, and without her memory. Does she still have superpowers, or did the amazing blue crystal short them out? Will she realize she's not a normal human being the first time she tries to open a jar?


Lara: "It's like a dream."
You got that right.

Lex: "So I guess you've been researching an article on her bra size lately?"

Despite my discomfort and sarcasm, I thought this episode rated a pretty solid three out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

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