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Smallville: Wrath

Chloe: "I had no idea that there was a La Femme Nikita lurking behind our little Florence Nightingale."

Lana is getting more disturbed and out of control every day, and her reaction to getting zapped with Clark's powers finally made it too obvious for Clark to ignore. You'd think she'd be content living with her own true love who has finally told her all his secrets. But no. At least Clark has finally admitted to himself that Lana is no longer the same innocent schoolgirl he used to peep at through his telescope.

Watching Lana zoom around and wreak havoc was fun, and this whole episode was worth watching just to see her kick Lex's ass. (She didn't fly, though. Was that because Clark can't fly? Maybe there's a physiological reason why Clark can't fly, not just a fear of heights.) Lex apparently still loves Lana, in spite of the fact that she nearly tortured him with electricity, and he thinks she doth protest too much. She certainly is obsessed with him, isn't she?

I finally got the answer to my question about exactly what hanky-panky was going on at the Kent farm, i.e., nothing. Until now. A little racing around at superspeed, and suddenly Clark and Lana were having supersex, complete with seismic tremors. That was sort of embarrassing. Also interesting that Lana was the first one to think of sex. She really has changed.

Finally, the whole thing with the jar o' Brainiac ("It's alive!") just shouted that James Marsters was coming back for a return engagement. Okay by me.

Bits and pieces:

— Lana went right for the black leather. Why do supervillains love black leather? I guess because it looks good. Plus it cuts down on wind resistance when you're zipping around with superpowers.

— Clark went to Lionel for help. That was like the hug last week: it made sense, but it still surprised me.

— Lionel was on the phone with Martha. She appears to be taking D.C. by storm. That's good. D.C. needs to be taken by storm. Pun intended.

— Another Lois love interest who isn't what he seems. Why did Grant delete the Scion files? Because he's someone's stooge. Lex's, Lionel's, or someone else's?

— No Kara, no Jimmy. Again, fine with me.

— Chloe got her hair cut. And she's acquired a questionable taste for really large, gaudy handbags.

— Lionel's hand was better, and he was exercising it. He must have had some quick reconstructive surgery or something.


Lana: "If I wanted normal, I would have rethought the part about dating a guy who shoots fire from his eyes."

Chloe: "Been here, done this, and it doesn't end well."
It was in season one's "Leech." But it was certainly more fun with Lana on the receiving end.

Lois: "Is there a Joan Jett audition no one told me about?"

Lois: "I've heard of vengeful, but the look in Lana's eyes made Medea look like Mother Hubbard."

Lex: "You can't kill me, Lana. You'll lose Clark forever."
He's got that right.

Much fun. The standard three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. The best part about this episode? When Clark gets some insight into girl talk. Makes me smile.

  2. The characters heal so quickly on this show. I think everyone should have probably died at least five times (but I'm glad they haven't.


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