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Smallville: Commencement

Chloe: "Twice in sixteen years. I mean, this is crazy. Smallville's got to have some sort of extraterrestrial bulls-eye on it."

And of course, they left us with the usual three thousand cliffhangers.

Clark in the middle of endless wastes of snow, with a great big crystal. (Obviously, we can expect the real Fortress of Solitude in the fifth season opener.) Lionel, coming out of his mysterious paralysis because of the stones, to do what? Chloe and Lex in the cave, in who knows what danger. An injured Lana, dragging herself toward a crashed space ship. The Kents, alone with homicidal maniac Jason Teague, just as a meteor hit their house.

The second meteor shower was sort of amazing. In fact, the effects in this episode were just outstanding. That shot of Clark saving that little boy was stunning. The shot of Lois on the ground looking out over Smallville was also wonderful.

Lana and Clark told each other "I love you" when they said goodbye. And here I was hoping that Lex being all protective and getting lawyers for Lana would finally make her care for him. Yes, he went all bananas about getting the bloody crystal from her, but Lex really does love Lana. Can't we change the Superman legends and have Lex completely reform for Lana, and marry her?

Lois and Clark had a long, very cute discussion about their futures, in which many bits of what we know will happen were mentioned. Clark told Lois that she should consider journalism. Lois said Clark would end up on the farm married to Lana. God forbid.

Bits and pieces:

— Chloe left the car to try to save Lana. Chloe then saved Clark from the K in Lex's vault. And then in the caves, she knocked Lex down in order to protect Clark yet again. Chloe is quite a young woman.

— Lana/Isobel killed Genevieve and the tiresome tattoo finally disappeared. Genevieve's blood caused another meteor shower. Um, how?

— Why was Lana washing her hands in a Macbeth/Pilate sort of way... in Lex's study? They don't have bathrooms in the Luthor mansion?

— Before Lionel woke up, they showed a close-up of lots of Kryptonian writing within his eye. Like downloading?

— It was raining during the graduation ceremony, before it was called off on account of meteors.

— Lois said she was going off to find her sister, somewhere in Europe. Clark was thrilled to see her go. Except she hasn't actually gone yet.

— Jason as a character never caught on, which was just as well. I like Jensen Ackles better as Dean Winchester on Supernatural, where they actually let him have a personality.

— Jason showed up covered with blood and shot out the Kent's truck windshield. Auto glass is, of course, two points. He also broke glass in the Kent's kitchen, one point. And then there was the meteor shower extravaganza, with a semi and helicopter crash, and lots of people getting flung hither and thither. I'm not sure how many points that makes, but it might be the record.

— This episode was several minutes longer than usual. Well, graduation and meteor shower and cliffhangers, makes sense.


Lois: "I had this one [nightmare] last week, really scary. This guy wearing a red cape."

Lionel: "You know, for a woman without a heart, Genevieve Teague certainly did have a lot of blood."

Lionel: "I don't have the stone!"
Yes, just ignore the triangular-shaped light emanating from my suit pocket.

Lex: "Before you leave this earth, I want you to know. You did create the son you always wanted."

I think this was their best cliffhanger season finale yet. Four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. We all know that Commencement, although in terms of a graduation means an ending, in fact means a beginning. And, this episode felt like a second beginning.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, our story began sixteen years ago with a meteor shower. Now, we've had another one. The ramifications of this one will most likely resonate for quite some time.

    During this shower, we had Chloe protecting Clark again. I can't see how her knowing can possibly stay a secret too much longer. I'm very glad about this as Clark needs a confidant other than his parents.

    Lois, although she said she was leaving, seemed very upset by the devastation wrought. Does this mean she is beginning to see Smallville as home? I hope so; the place wouldn't be the same without her.

    The farmhouse, with the Kents inside, has been hit. Although my guess is that both parents survive, the house being destroyed is a wonderful metaphor for the end of Clark's childhood. If/when they rebuild, he will be living in a different home.

    Lionel is now in some sort of fugue state, yet Krytonian symbols were flashing through his brain. Does this mean he now knows Clark secret? What about the vast knowledge that Jor-El referred to? If so, will he take over Virgil Swan's role as Clark's mentor? That might be loads of fun -- imagine poor Lex if Clark became Dad's favourite son.

    Finally, our boy Lex. Boy, did he reveal his true self in this one. Desperate for the keys, he was willing to do just about anything for them. Once Clark learns of this, my guess is the friendship is over.

    But, Lex is capable of deep feelings. I believe he truly loves Lana and I found it fascinating that, after she commits murder, she goes running to Lex and not to Clark. Yes, she and Clark had that scene in the barn, but what was new about that? They've been yo-yoing for years. Move on to Lex!

    On top of all this, the special effects were magnificent. Clark saving the young boy from the meteors may be the best the show has ever done. And, I loved the 24 homage with the ticking clock. The music even reminded me of the show.

    Two final little tidbits about our boys. On the close up of Michael Rosenbaum when Lex is hugging Lana, you can see that his ear is pierced. Somehow, that doesn't seem to fit with Lex. :-)

    But, can I just say, that blue shirt on Tom Welling with his blue eyes? Goodness!

    Best episode of the series to date -- no question.

  2. Smallville's season finale cliffhanger shows are so much better then any current superhero shows on the CW. In rewatching Smallville, I am surprised how much better it is compared to current shows .... and I say this liking some of the current superhero shows. This ends season 4, and I thought it was a wild ride.

  3. The season certainly finished strongly though it meandered a bit on the way. The whole saga with Lana's connection to the 16th century witch and Jensen Ackles mother being Cruella de Ville felt weird and out of place...it's just the wrong kind of supernatural for Smallville. For me, Jason was a little like Joe in The Man in the Highcastle. Sometimes when writers try for a conflicted character with divided loyalties, they just end up with a character that feels wishy washy and poorly defined.

    But there were some great episodes with Lex and Lionel.


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