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Smallville: Committed

Clark: "So you're finally on board with the happy couple."
Lois: "Yep. All it took was them passing a madman's electric Cosmo death quiz and I am sold."

Let me say once again that I've pretty much reached the end of my Lois and Clark patience. If this episode had ended with a clinch, I might have forgiven this episode a lot. But no. I'm not a shipper, honestly (okay, there was Buffy and Spike, but they were an exception), but enough teasing. I want smoochies, and I want them now.

I was oddly disappointed with the revelation that Chloe really does love Jimmy and doesn't have romantic feelings for Clark any more. Chloe is my favorite character, now that Lionel is dead and Lex is missing, and her love for Clark has always been one of her defining characteristics. I've realized that I don't want her to be in love with Jimmy. It's not that I hate Jimmy; I like Aaron Ashmore and I think he does a credible and fun Jimmy Olsen. I just don't believe that someone like Chloe could love Clark Kent, and then stop loving him and fall for Jimmy Olsen instead.

I always try to say something good about an episode, and there were a few things I liked. My favorite bit was Clark grimacing in anticipated pain when the bad guy asked Lois if she really loved "her fiance" – laugh out loud funny. I also liked the ending, with Clark escorting Lois into the elevator at work and saying it was the safest way to travel. I always like little homages to the Superman movies.

But much of the set-up had plot holes you could drive a truck through. Lois made several huge detective-like leaps in no time at all, and with a serious hangover. And you're telling me a professional jeweler would be wearing a watch with meteor rocks on it?

Because two couples weren't enough, we also had Oliver pursuing Tess, and Tess blowing him off after having sex with him. Tess is definitely channeling Lex. I really wish it was working for me. Please come back, Michael Rosenbaum. It's just not the same without you.

Bits and pieces:

— I was sort of expecting Clark to admit he loved Lois, too, but that would have been a bridge too far. I don't even think that he does. Yet, anyway. Although I think he's always been attracted to her.

— Lois was acting like Chloe was just a baby. Isn't Lois only a year older?

— Lois got dead drunk at the engagement party. But I thought Lois had a great head for liquor. I seem to remember her in bunny slippers outdrinking a bunch of college guys.

— The Lois and Clark post party at the Kent farm was kind of forced but cute.

— Pink-lined handcuffs? Jimmy Olsen, say it isn't so. Olsen's not so wholesome.

— Turns out Jimmy lied about his parents. Difficult childhood. I can relate.

— Lois: "You know what Lois likes to see when she comes home. Pants. Pants on everyone."

I'm feeling myself wanting to do two stars again. *sigh*

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

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  1. Didn't Lois see Clark shooting fire out of his eyes?


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