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Smallville: Covenant

Lionel: "Please. Don't let me die in prison."
Lex: "Dad, this might have been more effective if you had a string quartet in the corner playing Barber's Requiem."

I'm not sure how much I'm on board with the big Smallville season-ending cliffhangers.

I didn't care for the whole Kara thing, even when it turned out that she was some poor kid named Lindsay who'd been in suspended animation for years and manipulated by Jor-El. I thought at first that Jor-El had indeed planned to provide Clark with a Kryptonian bride, which sorta kinda made sense in a perpetuating the Kryptonian race way. But no. Not that Clark had any interest in her at all, because he's still hung up on Lana, who just got on a plane for Paris.

I love Lionel. Even from prison, he's manipulating people like mad. More interesting than Kara and Lana was Lionel Fedexing the key to Lex's secret room to Clark. Did he succeed in turning Clark against Lex? Is the Clark/Lex friendship over, at last?

The operatic scene at the end where Lionel had his leonine mane shaved off (obviously not faked) was unexpected, and oddly fascinating. Why did he do it? Was he shedding the past? Showing solidarity with Lex, after apologizing for being such a terrible father? Except that it was implied that Lionel could have been behind the possible deaths of Chloe and Lex. Jonathan was also quite possibly dying. And what happened to Clark, with the nudity and being reborn and all?

Does that make four cliffhangers?

Bits and pieces:

— The Smallville color scheme is red, blue and yellow. Metropolis is gray and navy blue. Prison, interestingly enough, is white, with orange jumpsuits.

— Lana, with much luggage and strange hair, was off to Paris. And Lex saw her off, not Clark.

— Big Kara-created car wreck in the teaser. Then she completely dissolved the FBI guy's car, and the FBI guy with it. Lex collapsed into the glass coffee table (that coffee table's been broken before). Three points.


Lex: "You're a good friend, Clark. If you tell the judge what you just told me, my father will be exchanging his Armani for an orange jumpsuit."

Clark: "I can't fly."
Kara: "Not yet."

Lionel: "As a father, I, um, I have failed you. I realize that now, and I'm sorry." Wow.

Clark: "What kind of deal did you make, Dad?"
Jonathan: "I promised Jor-El that if he gave me the power to bring you back from Metropolis, that one day I would return you to him."

Chloe: "There he is, just in time to save the day."

Three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Kara was played by Adrianne Palicki, who played Sam's girlfriend Jessica on Supernatural and was, almost, Wonder Woman. Well, technically, she was.... but the show got axed, so.... technically she also wasn't.

  2. But her best role was as Tyra Collette on Friday Night Lights. She had a great arc on that show, and brought a lot of depth and complexity to a very strong character. I hope she someday gets another role that showcases her talent as well as that show did.

    (Sorry, I can't resist sharing my FNL love!)

  3. It's alright, Jess. I haven't seen FNL yet myself, but it's on the list of Future Buys. :)

  4. Although I agree that the majority of the episode was average, there was one thing in the beginning part that I loved. And that (no surprise to anyone who has been reading my comments) is Kara basically telling Jonathan to bug off. "Jonathan Kent, you have no place in this conversation." earned a cheer from me. Sorry to all you Jonathan fans out there.

    The last three minutes, all set to Mozart's "Requiem," (in my opinion, one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever), were simply astonishing. I actually stopped what I was doing and watched.

    Lionel shaving his head (leonine mane -- good one!) *is* oddly fascinating. At first, I took it as a Sampson thing in that he lost all of his power sitting in a jail cell. But that was quickly proven wrong as Lex and Chloe both appear to have been killed by him.

    We also have Lana gone, Pete gone and Jonathan in some sort of state or dead while Martha watches her field burn. Talk about a game changing ending.

    But the most provocative image has to be Clark in the pod that looks the Superman shield, curled up so he becomes the "S." Powerful way to end the season.

    Another great year of reviews, Billie. Thanks!

  5. A so-so finish to a very strong season. A couple episodes ago, I think somebody (Clark?) warned Lex not to become his Father while trying to put him in jail. And I thought they were going to have Lex do something unforgivably villainous to secure the conviction...I'm a little disappointed they didn't go that direction. I'd rather the rift between Clark and Lex open because of something more than just Clark's protectiveness of his secret.


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