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Smallville: Devoted

Lois: "Where are we? Some kind of freakish feminist parallel universe?"

Love potion number nine. But of course, with this being Smallville, it looked like Gatorade and had Kryptonite in it.

Chloe under the influence was definitely the most fun. You gotta love her wearing nothing but Clark's football jersey and trying to seduce Clark, and then doing the embarrassing cheerleader thing as Clark was getting the crap kicked out of him. "Give me a K! Give me an E!" I think the plot took a wrong turn and got too serious when Jason beat the hell out of Clark, but got back on course when Lois got Clark to go undercover in a swimsuit. For a moment, I thought he was going to give Mandy his all for the cause, but no: Clark's virtue was still safe. (For whom, though? Lana or Lois? Or possibly Chloe?)

Lex made several concerted efforts to win Clark's friendship back. Being Lex, his first attempt was to buy it back with new football uniforms. But it finally worked when Lex dismantled his secret room and gave all his Clark obsession files to Clark himself.

Jensen Ackles was exceptionally cute with and without his shirt, as was Tom Welling. But as cute as they were, I still thought Lex in the locker room in his black suit and tie was twice as studly. But that's me.

Bits and pieces:

— Clark got to experience his perfect high school moment as quarterback of the winning team.

— Lex and the dean at Met U did "the white man power dance," and Lois is now off to college.

— "In loving memory of Christopher Reeve." I can't tell you how upset I was when Reeve died unexpectedly. He was a great man.


Clark: (in a red and yellow letter jacket over a blue shirt) "So. What do you think?"
Lois: "They're not really your colors."

Lois: "I'm glad you made the team, Clark, but why be a conformist? At least with the whole farm boy plaid thing, as lame as it is, it completely belongs to you."
Clark: "In the future, let's restrict our conversations to hello and goodbye."

Lois: "It's amazing what a short skirt and the ability to rhyme will get you."

Lois: "Oh my god. She's taken the fast train to Stepford."

Clark: "We all have a dark side, Lex."
Lex: "Yeah. But I can feel mine creeping over the corners."
Every time Lex says something like this, it gets to me. I just like him too much.

Chloe: "Wow. A superhero and journalist. What are the odds?"

Fun was had. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Clark now knows that Coach has a girlfriend. Oops.

    Something tells me that no matter how hard Lex tries, Clark is never going to completely trust him again. I wouldn't, but it makes me feel bad for Lex.

    I'm with you about the darkness comment. The man knows himself, but I wish there was a way we could stop the inevitable.

  2. "You gotta love her wearing nothing but Clark's football jersey and trying to seduce Clark" While it was nice to see Clark trying very gently to remove Chloe from him, it was very disturbing. Chloe is essentially attempting to rape Clark here and he needed to be more forceful in removing her.

  3. Chloe is just so much in love with Clark.


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