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Smallville: Fade

Lois: "Can you please tell me why Clark Kent is so obsessed with my love life?"

Just a tad lighter than last week. Okay, so it wasn't deep. It was Smallville-like and comic-book like, and full of Superman moments. I liked it.

Exactly what Clark needs: another rich, villainous best friend. Yes, Graham Garrett, "The Chameleon," was a meteor freak; he was driving through Smallville during the second meteor shower. But he didn't seem as lame as some of the previous freaks, probably because Graham was evil before he was changed. And because he was sort of jovial. He didn't seem dastardly at all, even though he definitely came across as threatening. (Lois: "Sounds like a load of fun." Graham: "It is. But it can get a little cutthroat.")

Clark and Chloe discussed the moral issues involved in saving the life of someone who does evil and harms others. And this didn't just apply to Graham, because Clark just saved Lex's life again. During the episode, there was one second of phone and one second of email, both with Lex talking to Milton Fine about genetically engineered viruses. If Lex and Fine are working together to destroy the human race, then Lex has finally, finally, finally become the super villain he was destined to be.

Lana finally told Clark she was dating Lex, but too late to soften the blow because Clark saw them together first. It was immediately followed by Clark catching Lois with Graham. Again a signal that Clark's interest is going to move from Lana to Lois. We also got many hints that it's time for Clark to notice Lois. Lois got to show her abs of steel and do a very sexy shower scene. Clark even saw Lois naked. I seem to recall Lois seeing Clark naked quite awhile back. Tit for tat, so to speak.

That mother/daughter-like scene with Martha and Lois, where Lois whines about not being able to find a nice, normal guy from a nice, normal family (I could practically see a neon sign over their heads saying CLARK CLARK CLARK) included Martha revealing to Lois that, before Jonathan, Martha seemed to attract the dark, mysterious type (LIONEL LIONEL LIONEL).

Bits and pieces:

— God, Clark is dense. He actually told Graham outright that Lex was the one who took Lana away from him. How indiscreet of you, Clark. After the plasma TV and the hooker, didn't you connect the dots that Graham was going to extremes to try to please you?

— Clark referred to himself as Chloe's "Boy Friday." This is of course a reference to the old movie about reporters (His Girl Friday). I've never seen it, but it's sort of famous and gets referred to a lot. Which means there's probably no point in me mentioning it. Except I just did.

— Chloe got her first front page byline.

— What was Lois brandishing in the shower scene? A shower massage? A stainless steel back-scrubber?

— I noticed that Lois looked sexier and more grown-up in the shower scene and couldn't put my finger on why at first. Then I realized that it was because her hair style (when it's dry, of course) is very teenager. Sort of like what they've been doing with Tom Welling and his Prince Valiant look.

— Chloe said, "Riddle me this." A little Batman action.

— No Lionel. He was in Singapore, probably recovering from Saw III.


Graham: "Are you his girlfriend?"
Lois: "Not in this lifetime."

Lois: "Why is it that you feel the need to lob a grenade at every guy I date?"
Yeah, Clark. Why is that?

Lois: "Getting swept off my feet by a notorious hit man is just my way of living La Vida Loca."

Pretty good. Two and a half stars, possibly edging into three,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. I love the bad boys, so romantic Lex was a joy for me to watch. I loved the quiet moments with Lana. I swear there is more heat when they look at each other than there was when Clark and Lana slept together.

    Once again, we see what a great friend Chloe is. She keeps secrets and she doesn't take sides. But, when she was telling Clark that it is time for him to move on as well, was there a hint of hope in her face that maybe he would notice her this time?

    I hope not for two reasons. First, we all know that Clark is going to end up with Lois and I don't want Chloe to have her heart broken -- again. Second, she's too a good a friend. A break-up would put a damper in the wonderful relationship they have now. But, Lex was right a while ago -- we need to find a good man for Chloe.

  2. I really like this one even though it's basically a revisit of how Lex and Clark met each other. But I always liked that I-don't-know-if-it's-a-trope of making a rich friend who's a little overbearing in helping out. I kinda wish it was a multi-ep arc...
    One possible parallel I noticed was Lana insisting in the last scene (RIP telescope, I liked that she maybe seemed a little upset that he won't be spying on her anymore?) that she doesn't need him to protect her. It made me think of the FotW's pathological need to repay imaginary debts. But I was also a little annoyed at another parallel with Martha and Lionel in the previous episode because it hints that the power is with the Luthors in both situations. Lana credits her survival to Lex here just as Martha seems convinced that Lionel probably did not know that the gun was not loaded. Which isn't wrong of them but feels to me like a lack of necessary canniness when getting involved with the Luthors, even though Martha openly shut down romantic prospects. That shut-down happened before Lionel "sacrificed" himself so I still feel uneasy about him still "working on it" as they say.


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