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Smallville: Oracle

Chloe: "So hell freezes over, and no one even bothers to tell me?"

Finally, some resolution. Some, not all.

Jonathan would never ask Clark to kill anybody, so it was obvious that it wasn't Jonathan right from the first. Which meant it had to be Milton Fine. But that was okay; the haunty Jonathan scenes were very cool (I especially liked the one with Martha) and I don't think we were meant to be fooled for long.

So finally we know. Lionel actually is good, after all. He's occasionally possessed by something that is trying to communicate with Clark. Who or what is possessing him? They didn't tell us, but I'm still thinking Jor-El, of course, since it's happened before. The real mystery was why Milton Fine couldn't kill Lionel himself. Maybe Fine can't kill his creator. Maybe Jor-El was Fine's creator. Maybe we'll find out next week in the season finale. (Pardon my sarcasm.)

The big surprise (for me, anyway) was that Lex was still good, that all this time he was trying to create a vaccine to protect the human race from the alien threat. All to no avail, of course, because Milton Fine just gave Lex something that made him instantly heal. It must have something to do with General Zod's upcoming appearance. ("Zod is coming.") Is Zod going to take over Lex's body?

There was more "future couple" Lois and Clark bantering. That whole piggy bank speech was almost too silly for words, although I loved Lois unknowingly comparing Lana to a bicycle Clark was saving up for, and herself to a Harley. Come on, enough already. Let's get to it.

Bits and pieces:

— We were reminded that Lionel, in a trance, told Lana how to stop the Kryptonians. There's a magic bullet out there.

— Clark, Lionel and Chloe were all working together. Hell did freeze over.

— The whole Kryptonian symbol thing was odd. Doesn't Clark read Kryptonian? I seem to remember a plot point along that line in a past episode.

— Lionel finally told Martha the truth about his involvement in Jonathan's death. Will it change her opinion of him? I'm sort of pulling for Lionel and Martha, even though I know the writers will probably never put them together.

— This time, it was Lionel's turn to get thrown across the room, twice, by Clark. Looked very painful. How come it didn't kill him?

— There's a dropped plot thread that's been bothering me for lo, these many episodes. Awhile back, Lex had to get transfusions every few days. Was this ever resolved? Seems to me that he just now got the cure.

— Red, white and blue rum cake. Lois baked it. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

— It was Clark's birthday. How old is he? I know, they'd have to approximate, but... how old is he?


Clark: "Let's look for anything my dad might be warning me about."
Chloe: "Okay, it might take a minute. Can't exactly search for a file called 'my evil scheme.'"

Chloe: "Well, I have plans this weekend, so if we could protect Smallville from the wrath of Krypton's deadliest villain, that would be great."

Lois: "I think I just heard a keg being tapped. I'm gonna go check it out."

At least a three and possibly a four. I may re-write this one later. Sweeps are wearing me out; I feel episode review burnout approaching,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

1 comment:

  1. Hey kids, you can play a drinking game with Smallville.

    Every time Lex closes his laptop when someone walks in, OR anytime someone says "trust me" ..... time to drink. Start with season 1 and you will be in AA in no time.


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