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Smallville: Fever

Chloe: "I'm the girl of your dreams masquerading as your best friend."

Martha buried the flour tin in the storm cellar, and got an acute case of toxic green K. Where did all that K come from? Was it sucked out of Lana's necklace? Did it get shaken off the ship, perhaps? It's all very confusing.

As is Martha's surprise pregnancy. Although it sort of made sense that the ship healed her, since it also saved Clark. Now, that would be an interesting thing to study at Johns Hopkins, which is where Dr. Bryce is apparently heading.

My favorite part of this one was Chloe deciding to tell an unconscious Clark that she loved him. Scenes like that can be iffy, but Allison Mack is so good that she made it wonderfully poignant. And Clark ruined it by moaning "Lana." When is he going to wake up and smell the girl reporter? At least Lana finally knows how Chloe feels about Clark. Yet another development to keep Clark and Lana apart.

It's always angsty seeing Clark ill or helpless, but it was also fun seeing Jonathan as action hero, breaking into the facility to steal the octagon key, doing with great effort what would normally take Clark about a minute.

Bits and pieces:

— Ryan hinted that Martha was pregnant in the episode "Ryan." I was wondering when we'd find out.

— One more person (Dr. Bryce) now knows about Clark. It's turning into a pretty big club.

— A little bit of Gateway product placement.

— Chloe has a bright red bug convertible that I don't remember seeing before. Every cast member's vehicle is bright red, blue, or yellow. In this episode, the Kents went undercover in a silver pick-up. :)

— Clark put the truck in a ditch: one point.


Chloe: "So in another classic maneuver to avoid emotional intimacy, I wrote my feelings down so I could read them to you, thereby avoiding embarrassing eye contact."

Lana: "Attack of the killer mold spores?"
Chloe: "I'll never look at blue cheese the same way again."

Another really good one. Three and a half? Four stars?

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

1 comment:

  1. I so wish I could break the fourth wall, climb into the Talon and smack Clark upside his head. The greatest girl (not THE girl, but the better girl now) is writing beautiful love letters and coming to see you when you're sick.

    That other wench? Not writing and not visiting. Drop her. Drop her now!


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