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Smallville: Krypto

Lois: "You're going to be fine. I know you're going to be fine. Everyone I've ever hit was all right."

Canine meteor freaks. That was new.

I'm a cat person, but I love dogs, too, and I enjoyed this episode a lot. The cliched trashing the food in the kitchen scenes were to be expected, but I loved the armored truck scene where Shelby saved Clark as well as the other dog, and Clark returned the favor and saved Shelby. It wasn't surprising that Clark strongly identified with Shelby, since he was a super-strong stray at one time, too. The bad guys even illustrated the comparison by imprisoning Clark in Shelby's cage.

What surprised me was that the Kents ended up keeping the dog in the end. Clark is just a tad old for the classic boy and his dog scenario, though, and Jonathan was right to wonder what they would do with Clark's dog next year. Although Clark could go to college in Maine or California, and still come home and feed the dog every night.

(Shelby's name was originally Einstein. I wonder if that was a deliberate homage to one of my favorite novels, Watchers, by Dean Koontz? Watchers is about a wonderful dog named Einstein born with human-level intelligence, and two people who come together while protecting him. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. Especially if you're a dog lover, as Dean Koontz clearly is. I don't recommend the movie they made out of it, though, because it was an utter travesty.)

Arguing and bantering pretty much non-stop, Clark did all of his investigating with Lois this time. She constantly baited him, he was sarcastic with her, and I loved every minute of it. Their chemistry is a cut above anyone they've ever put Clark with before. Lois and Clark fit, somehow, and that's as it should be. Good casting there, guys.

Things appear to be revving up with the tiresome Isobel tattoo plot. It seemed Jason didn't know what his mum was up to, after all... unless the two of them were putting on a show for Lana. And Lana may be destined to destroy their entire family. Please, make it stop.

Bits and pieces:

— Clark and Lois made numerous (and humorous) attempts to name Shelby, including Clarky and Skipper. And Krypto, of course, because he was cryptic.

— Chloe continued to give Clark openings to tell her the truth about himself. She even covered for him.

— In the end, Lois put a red towel on Shelby's back that just somehow looked like a cape.

— Lois is allergic to dogs. Which was the first reason why Clark wanted to keep Shelby around.

— Lois hit Shelby with her car; one point. Shelby dragged a tractor through a fence: one point. Okay, neither vehicle was mangled, but I think it still counts. Shelby went through the glass door at the Kents. The bad guys destroyed an armored truck, and Clark threw both of them across the yard into the house. That's a six point episode.


Chloe: "How is the new tenant?"
Clark: "Lois? Well, she re-recorded our answering machine. She uses all the hot water. Oh, and she took over my bedroom. She's doing great."

Genevieve: "I'm just trying to protect my son."
Lex: "Well, maybe you should get together with my father and write a parenting book."
Laugh out loud funny. Michael Rosenbaum can deliver a line like that sooo well.

Three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Zack Greenfield was played by Nolan Funk, who played Todd on S2 on Warehouse 13

  2. I love dogs, but I tend to dislike Lassie stories. This one, I'm afraid felt a bit too much like that for me.

    However, and it's a big one, I loved watching Clark and Lois work together for the first time. They make a great team and their bantering just keeps me smiling. You're so right about the chemistry -- nothing has even come close.

  3. Einstein was the name of Doc Brown's dog in Back to the Future. Maybe one of the brothers remembered the movie when naming the dog now known as Shelby.

    In Crusade, the first episode of season 4 and the debut of Lois, she said she was a sucker for stray dogs and naked guys. That's both of them ticked off.

  4. I call this one the "Kryptonite Cujo episode" thanks in part to the teaser.


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