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Smallville: Recruit

Lois: "No more alcohol. And that includes cough syrup and rum cakes."

A Metropolis story for a change. And sort of a preview of the future, since Clark got to save intrepid investigator Lois Lane from certain death. I am still loving Lois. I loved the teaser where Lois recreated the opening Karen Allen scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, literally drinking guys under the table, especially since she was in peejays and bunny slippers at the time.

In keeping with our maturity theme, Clark had to make an important decision about his so-called football career. Leaving aside the homicidal quarterback plot (Clark grew up in Smallville, after all, so business as usual) it took some serious strength of character for Clark to turn down four years of playing football, a free ride at Met U, adulation, free cars, and all the willing co-eds he could turn down for Lana.

My favorite part of this episode was the subtext with Chloe. She gave Clark three wide-open opportunities to tell her his secret, and he didn't. She was well aware of the fact that Clark would have been cheating if he had accepted the scholarship. And she was proud that he turned it down.

The witchy tattoo plot was a bit less tiresome when it was Lex and Jason, instead of Lana alone. Was Lex telling Lana the truth? Was Jason indeed cahooting with his evil mother to get something out of Lana?

Bits and pieces:

— The fact that Geoff was from Smallville was a big giveaway that he was a meteor freak, even before he started knocking people down with his glowing finger.

— Alcohol doesn't affect Clark. I don't think that's been clearly stated before.

— Chloe got accepted at Metropolis University. Lois got booted, and is now staying with the Kents again.

— The Met U colors were blue and white, in keeping with the Metropolis color scheme.

— Lois paralyzed and under water was actually pretty creepy. Ophelia-like, too.


Chloe: "How did you post bail?"
Lois: "Four very good friends of mine. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover."

Lois: "Excuse me. Do you know where a person can get some clean number one around here?"
The other pee jokes were pretty funny, too.

Standard good episode. Three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Geoff was played by Chris Carmack, who played Luke on The O.C., who kinda started off as a dick, but became pretty fun later on.

  2. I love the fact that Lois is so different from the other kids. She used to smoke; she drinks. She also makes me laugh on a regular basis. The scene in the barn with Clark ("What just happened?") is hilarious.

    Of course, we all knew that Clark wasn't going to end up playing football, but I like how he got there.

  3. Geoff Johns was named after the comic book writer of the same name, who made a big name for himself in the late 1990's - early 2000's (albeit not without drumming up controversy) by revamping a lot of classic DC characters, such as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan and the Man of Steel himself.

  4. LOL Chloe wtf u doin my man?? I thought you woz going to keep dropping hints about good you can be at covering for him, not making him feel weird by pointing out all the things he shouldn't be able to do as a normal person.. lol. What an approach, she's usually the one with the most tact... sympathized with Scabby Abbey's transformation... even seemed the least judgmental about Alicia. Oh well, still love u


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