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Smallville: Leech

Martha: "Clark, you're our son. Whether you can bench press a tractor or not."

Lightning plus K equals superpower transference, huh? That's okay. I don't insist on logic in my cartoon-based fantasy television shows. And this is really my kind of episode.

At first it was all nosebleeds and leg cramps, but Clark really got into being a normal human being: playing basketball without having to hold back, getting close to Lana without having a problem with the K in her necklace, and so on. Clark managed to adjust and he even enjoyed it. And that was because he has loving parents who have always been there to support him. Jonathan and Martha love Clark, not his powers, and Clark knows it.

Eric wasn't as lucky. Drunk with superpower, he had a poor support system (i.e., truly wretched parents), and of course, he lacked Clark's years of practice in keeping his powers under control. It had to turn out badly. At least no one took his parents hostage in order to force Eric to work for them, which was sort of what I was expecting.

Lex had the car accident reconstructed (he's just never going to let that one be, is he?) and became convinced that Clark had, well, superpowers. This was certainly the perfect time for Clark to have his powers stolen. Lex also found the time to carry out a hostile takeover of Sir Harry's company. Sorry about that, Victoria.

Bits and pieces:

— In our little dig at Superman department, the newspaper headline was, "Super Boy: Smallville's newest hero."

— Clark gave Lana her necklace back in the exotic lead box. It appears to have had an unexpected consequence; sounds like she's not going to wear it any more.

— We now have another person who knows about Clark's superpowers: Eric. If he survives.

— The bad guy purse snatcher got thrown across the street and through a sheet of glass. There was another wrecked car. Clark got thrown across the parking lot and into another car. Then there was a smashed car at the Summers house, as well as a smashed car in the Summers house. Seven points.


Pete: "Why are you grinning? We lost."
Clark: "I know. Pretty cool, huh?"

Victoria: "We could have been great together."
Lex: "I plan on being great all by myself."

Eric: "Come on, Clark. If you had the power to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?"
Clark: "I'd stop people like you."
This is Superman in a nutshell, isn't it? Because he does, and he does.

This was a good one. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Eric Summers was played by Shawn Ashmore, brother of Aaron Ashmore who played Jimmy Olsen in the later seasons. Also kinda funny? Cyclops's real name, from the X-Men, is SCOTT Summers, and Shawn Ashmore went on to play Iceman in a couple of the X-Men movies.

    Mr. Summers was played by Kevin McNulty, a great canadian actor who I've seen in waaaaaay too many things to count.

  2. Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

    Clark gets to see the other side and to see that the grass is not always greener. Although this storyline has been done to death, it was well done here.

    We also see the Clark taking responsibility for the powers, although they are no longer technically his. Superman, indeed!


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