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Smallville: Legacy

Lex: "Clark, I don't know how you stumbled into this, but somehow you got two billionaires keenly interested in you and those caves."

It's the daddy death match and the billionaire showdown. Very plotty, and everyone had an agenda. But it seemed to me that, even though we got some fun scenes (especially that intense Jonathan and Lionel fist fight in the caves), not all that much actually happened.

Jonathan was experiencing some near death trauma and depression, second-guessing his choices. Jonathan said to the key (i.e., to Jor-El): "You said there'd be more time." What is Jor-El waiting for? Did Jonathan exchange his life for those temporary powers? And is the bill coming due? Jonathan seems to think that Clark is immortal. This has come up several times this season, although I don't really understand where the belief comes from. Especially since they know K can kill Clark.

The octagonal key, our magical talisman, was all over the place, and I am officially confused. Lionel believed that the octagonal key was the, well, key to his cure. Somehow, Dr. Swann ended up with it. Is he going to betray Clark after all, and let Lionel put it into the wall?

Bits and pieces:

— In the teaser, despite Martha's multiple warnings, Jonathan fell off the roof. Jonathan, listen to Martha.

— Lionel, if you're really serious about killing yourself, you don't stop to answer the phone.

— Clark and Lana were smooching. Is it on again? Please, no. At least Lana confided her troubles to Lex. I liked that part.

— Lionel sounded sad when he was talking to Clark about a son's love for his father.

— The photos of Dr. Swann's location were of the Dakota, which is where John Lennon was living when he was assassinated. And I saw the words "McGraw Rotunda" above Christopher Reeve in the Dr. Swann scenes. The McGraw Rotunda is in the New York Public Library.

— There was a lot of glass breakage during the fight in the caves. Three points.


Jonathan: "Dammit, Kal-El, I can get it myself."

Lex: "You know, Dad, they say mental illness is hereditary. I'm willing to accept my break with reality. Are you?"

Dr. Swann: "I opened the door to your heritage because I thought you were ready. Your actions over the past year have proven me wrong."

I'd give this episode three stars just for the Jonathan/Lionel fist fight and the reappearance of Christopher Reeve,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Things certainly don't look for either dad, do they? Lionel is terminally ill and Jonathan seems to have sold his soul to the devil and the devil is getting ready to collect. No wonder they are going after each other.

    I was glad to see Lana refuse to just fall back into a whatever you want to call it with Clark. He has bounced her around a bit, so maybe she should go find out what it is that she wants to do. Besides, I like the fact that she and Lex seem to be growing closer...

  2. Lionel is the J.R. Ewing of Smallville.


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