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Smallville: Lineage

Lex: "It's not hard to imagine. In the annals of extramarital exploits, my father probably has his own chapter."

Geez, Louise. It's mystery parent week.

Clark was wildly uncomfortable dealing with a strange woman who was sure she was his mother. Lionel as Clark's father, and Lex as his half-brother. An interesting thought, and of course, Lex's dream come true.

What I enjoyed most were all the flashbacks to the original meteor shower. (My favorite new scene was all of the Kents and the Luthors piled into the cab of the borrowed pickup.) And the web of ties connecting the Kents and the Luthors just got a lot tighter, since Lionel was responsible for creating Metropolis United Charities and arranging Clark's adoption in order to re-pay Jonathan for saving Lex. I was semi-shocked that Lionel blackmailed Jonathan, and Jonathan paid up; Jonathan was actually responsible for Pete's family losing control of the factory. No wonder Jonathan has always been so negative and unbending regarding Clark's friendship with Lex.

In keeping with our mystery parent theme, Lana investigated the possibility that her father was actually Henry Small, while Chloe confessed that her mother left when Chloe was five. And Clark and Chloe had an uncharacteristic knock-down drag-out about her investigating Clark's adoption. Chloe really needs to let it go. But I know she won't.

Bits and quotes:

— Blair Brown was actually quite scary as Rachel Dunlevy; gold acting stars there.

— Another dead little brother for Lex. But is Lucas really dead, or is he a plot development waiting to happen? Can you imagine what the child of egomaniacal Lionel Luthor and psychopathic Rachel Dunlevy would be like?

— In order to make the situation more threatening, we got a happy little family scene in the teaser where Jonathan was talking about how much Clark was like Martha: always late.

— Chloe did a thing about Zeus, Hera, and Hercules, too. Yes, I could see Lionel as Zeus and Clark as Hercules.

— I always thought the "small" in Smallville was a reference to its size. But no.

— Ethan was sheriff twelve years ago, too.

— Clark took Pete along on his breaking and entering foray in order to create a DNA sample. Having a buddy who knows his secret is coming in handy.

— Loved the deception and lies to "Madame Butterfly."

Chloe: "Clark and I just had a massive blowout."
Lana: "About what?"
Chloe: "Secrets, privacy, my pathological inability to curb my curiosity."

This was a good one. At least three stars and possibly four,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Rachel Dunlevy was played by Blair Brown who, of course, now stars on Fringe

  2. Jonathan was actually responsible for Pete's family losing control of the factory. No wonder Jonathan has always been so negative and unbending regarding Clark's friendship with Lex.

    I agree and disagree with you here. Yes, I can understand why Jonathan would have so much antipathy towards the Luthors, but he did what Lionel wanted, so he made his choice a long time ago. I wonder how much of his hatred towards Lex is actually towards himself for that making that choice.

  3. Lucas Luthor must be alive becuase at the end when Lionel opening the locket. The boy in the picture lookeed 5 and lionel said lucas died before his 1st birthday ego , he must be alive

  4. god, poor chloe... "I know where she is, Clark. The difference is she's not interested in me." :(


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