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Smallville: Mortal

Chloe: "Gosh, Clark. I didn't know super-whining was one of your powers."

Shades of Witness. Did they really give us a barn raising?

Only a week as a human being, and Clark has discovered that those pesky superpowers come in handy, after all. I thought he'd have them back by the end of this episode, but he didn't; just like in the Superman II movie, Clark is making the ultimate sacrifice for love. Which makes me wonder how long this "all too human" plot line will continue.

Poor Chloe was understandably bummed about being cheated out of kibbitzing with Super Clark. ("I finally land my own superhero, and this is what I get.") I get the feeling she'll have her opportunity, though. Dan, who is preoccupied with the possible transition to Metropolis, speculated after the cave scene that Lex might eventually kill Chloe. I don't know... can't Lex kill Lana instead? Yes, Chloe isn't part of the Superman mythology, but won't she fit in better at the Daily Planet?

Meteor freaks escaping from Belle Reve has been done so many times that it's very old. What I enjoyed the most here was that it had something to do with Clark and Lex's disintegrating relationship – which actually escalated to them punching each other out. Was it just the Level Three conspiracy, or was it jealousy of Lana, too?

Finally... don't do it, Clark! Save yourself for Lois! At least I was comforted by the possibility that it may be like Buffy; they'll have sex, and in the next episode, something horrible will happen to her.

Bits and pieces:

— Lex "pulling strings at FEMA" had an uncomfortable real life vibe to it.

— Clark is no longer affected by the Big K; he actually threw a piece across a field.

— Jonathan got thrown across a room again. And he did more action hero stuff. How much can his heart take?

— Lana got to nail someone. She also got to do Clark. Unless they're once again interrupted.

— Poor, dear Lionel. Possessed and nuts, and once again behind bars.

— No Lois in this episode, but at least we got her lovely flash-bang grenade.

— The bad guy threw an orderly across the room. Clark got thrown to the ceiling of the barn and across the kitchen. Jonathan was thrown across the kitchen and the Sheriff across the yard. There was a wrecked police car. Clark also knocked Lex across his study. Seven points.


Clark: "You and Jason never?"
Lana: "No. You and Alicia?"
No. And how logical is that? If Alicia had just held out five more minutes before taking off that necklace...

This week's Superman dig: "Clark, you okay?" "Super."

Martha: "Why is your shirt on inside out?"

Clark: "Maybe we should take this slow."
Lana: "Clark, we've been taking it slow for four years."
I don't know, I personally could wait a little longer.

Sheriff: "You ever consider a career in law enforcement?"
Yes, another Buffy parallel.

Chloe: "So what you're saying is now that you're human, you have absolutely no useful skills."
Clark: "Not so much."

Lots of fun. Three stars?

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Tommy Lee, the main bad guy, was played by Kenny Johnson, who played Lem on The Shield.

  2. Not the greatest, but worth the watch just to see the Lex/Clark relationship begin its inevitable decline. It makes me sad to see Lex so obsessed. If he would just calm down, things would be better!

    I'm bummed as well about the Clark/Lana hook-up, but the fact that they are/were both virgins was pushing the bounds of believability a bit far. Especially Lana -- she was with Jason for a year and they never? Reminds me of a quote from Robert Shields: "A well-preserved virginity may signify a limited capacity for love."

  3. Sherriff to bad guy: "Keep moving sparky"!

    Larry, Daryl & Daryl might be my favorite villain freaks so far.

    So Clark is no longer a virgin, but is Superman still a virgin?

    Pa Kent has a stronger heart then all of us put together.

  4. I don't want anything terrible to happen to Lana. I really like her - just not with Clark. I don't think they're very good together.

    Really missed Lois in this episode, but the Chloe and Clark team up and the Clark and Lex fight were both great!

    Also, I'm amazed Jonathon is still alive. I feel like he gets the crap kicked out of him almost every episode.


  5. LEM!!!! <3
    "If Alicia had just held out five more minutes before taking off that necklace..."
    Lmao you said that before and it's kind of messed up! The whole consent issue is why she did the right thing and took it off before. I'm not sure what kind of deterrence it would've offered to him finally hooking up with Lana though. I love that he too assumed she must've had sex in Paris.
    Anyway I really liked the Clana stuff this episode... as a sort of reboot of the show it's just immensely satisfying, even as a non-shipper. Done with the fugging delay tactics already! But it leaves me unsympathetic to Clark taking it for granted that his superpowers are permanently gone. Just so dumb, at this point, to assume permanent transformation. And if they do come back he BETTER come clean with Lana. On the other hand... he declared open animosity with Lex which almost made me cheer. I'm sorry it's over but I couldn't stand the insincere friendship thing... this is so, so much better especially after faking me out with the whole reboot concept. This is somehow even better than the premiere to me even with the return to the FotW formula.


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