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Smallville: Obsession

Chloe: "I'm really sorry she went all Glenn Close on you."

I've always wanted to see Clark forced to use his powers in front of someone. That elevator scene was fabulous. But why couldn't it have been Chloe?

Not that I'm really complaining, because this was a really terrific episode. It really did seem at first that Clark had found his soul mate, and I actually liked Alicia a lot. Imagine being able to share everything with someone who had a similar secret, someone to whom you're strongly attracted. A match made in Smallville. It all seemed perfect... right up until Alicia teleported unannounced in Clark's bed, like a serious case of wish fulfillment. (Loved Jonathan walking in on them.) Strike two immediately followed, with Alicia eavesdropping on Clark talking with his parents. And then it escalated rapidly out of control.

The situation with Alicia controlling her terrified parents reminded me of the classic Twilight Zone episode, "It's a Good life," about the little boy who controlled his entire small town and sent everyone he didn't like to "the cornfield." One question I had was not answered. Did Alicia start out bad? Or did her parents imprisoning her in a lead-lined room just push her over the edge? The final bit with Alicia covered with lead paint was pretty freaky. Interesting coincidence, considering it sort of stops Clark, too. Maybe lead and Kryptonite are connected in some way.

Lana again went to Lex with her Adam problem, instead of going to Clark. (I really like the Lex/Lana connection, although I guess the chances of the writers putting the two of them together are pretty slim.) Turns out Lionel sent Adam to Smallville to suck up to Lana and learn about Clark. But Adam has a serious medical problem, what with the death and all, and Lionel is cutting off his meds. Stay tuned.

Bits and pieces:

— Did Lionel set up the crashing elevator? There was no suggestion that he did, but it sure seemed like a strange coincidence to me.

— Gold acting stars for the young woman who played Alicia. She was just terrific.

— When Clark was once again on the floor, immobilized by K, I thought: he really needs to wear one of those senior alert things around his neck. He's fallen under the spell of K and can't get up.

— I loved the early Clark/Lex scene where they were talking about Alicia. Clark was so embarrassed, and Lex so amused.

— Lana searched Adam's apartment, which was seriously out of character. But she did it so well.

— There was snow on the ground everywhere. Part of the fun of filming in Vancouver, I guess.

— Lex was drinking scotch again. So much for the orange juice.


Chloe: "Welcome to the Lionel Luthor exhibit. Next floor, victims, sycophants, and hatchet men." (I loved the expression on her face when Lionel was lecturing to the kids.)

Clark: "My parents are great. They worry about me, that someone might find out, but they don't try to change me."
Alicia: "Maybe that's why you're so special."

Lex: "You go on one date with this girl, and already she's sneaking into your bedroom, putting sexy pictures of herself in your locker, practically asking her parents to book the wedding chapel. (smirking) What's your secret, Clark?"

Yes, it was Smallville's version of Fatal Attraction, but this may be the best meteor freak episode they've done so far. Four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Alicia was played by the super beautiful, super talented Sarah Carter. She's just freaking awesome. :)

  2. I like this one as well. I think it would be really interesting to have Clark date someone who could know his secret, but what a chicken and egg situation. Does he fall in love and reveal it or does he reveal it and then fall in love?

    Lex in the big brother role always makes me smile. Clark's inexperience against his experience is just too funny.

    I did not see the Lionel/Adam connection coming, although I shouldn't have been surprised. We are quickly learning that nothing, absolutely nothing, is beyond this man. I'm beginning to see where Lex gets his obsessive tendencies from.

  3. As much as I'll defend Lana at every opportunity, Alicia's the one who really carries that "jeuje" that ought to drive the boys who fall for her mad like Lana apparently does.


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