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Smallville: Spirit

Chloe: "Smells like school spirit."

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Yes, it was a body-snatching dead prom queen pulling a Carrie at the prom.

But it did have its moments, because body-switching is always fun. My favorite was probably Martha, who was a total hoot possessed by Dawn, although the rest of the cast had fun with the part as well.

The final scene was rather sweet. Clark and Lana finally danced together at a prom, but with Chloe and Lois, Clark's future honey, watching from a nearby table. This episode strongly reminded me of the Buffy prom episode. It was the end for Buffy and Angel. Maybe this was the end for Clark and Lana, too.

I don't usually mention clothes, but there were some damned fine outfits. Lana was stunning in virginal white (typical), Lois wore an electric pink dress that was barely clinging to her bosom, Chloe looked terrific in a red number and dangly earrings, and Martha wore a gold outfit looked marvelous with her coloring. Clark and Jonathan looked pretty damned good in tuxes, too. It's always a treat when Clark wears something that isn't red or blue.

In other news, the increasingly ambiguous Jason finally showed his true colors. He killed Bridgette Crosby, and was clever enough to get Lex to hide the body for him. And he told his mom on the phone that he loved her. This can't be good.

Bits and pieces:

— Our prom queen nominees: Chloe Sullivan, Dawn Stiles, Paige deJong.

— Clark's entry in the yearbook said, "Wow! Done with another year. But it was definitely another good one. Can't wait for the summer to hang around at Crater Lake with PR, CS, and the two LL's. Thanks mom and dad for everything! And of course I'll still be around the farm to lend a hand... see everyone else next year!" With the mention of Pete, this had to be last year's yearbook.

— In the teaser, Chloe broke the glass before grabbing the fire axe, one point. Dawn drove her SUV into Carlton Gorge, meteor rock depository, one point. Jonathan appears to have recovered from his gunshot wound, in time to get thrown down the stairs, one point. And there was some tossing in the final scene that I didn't count.

— Lex appears to have recovered from being torn in two and put back together. By the way, is he still getting transfusions every seventy-two hours? Is that a dropped plot thread?

— Bridgette Crosby is dead. She had one of the three artifacts. I'm guessing not any more, since you can't take it with you. And hey, she never existed, anyway.


Chloe: "We are in Smallville. I mean, what would the senior prom be without a body-snatching prom queen?"

Lois: "Mrs. Kent, a lot of things are possible in this world, but there will be men on Mars before Clark and I go to a prom together."

Chloe: "Okay. If for some weird reason I win, the tiara-burning party is at my house."

Lois: "Did you pin that on me? A little close to the boob, don't you think?"

Clark: "Crown's mine, bitch."

Three stars? Frothy, but fun,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Harmony was played by Kandyse McClure from Battlestar Galactica! And three episodes of Reaper!

  2. There always has to be a prom episode and this one was better than most. Martha as Dawn was hilarious as was Lois. Her looks of longing at the crown were laugh out loud funny.

    But, I'm afraid that Buffy's prom has ruined me for all other prom shows. Yes, Lana and Clark's dance was sweet, but the Buffy and Angel dance was the best dance, not just in a prom episode, but in any episode of television ever.

  3. Although this wasn't a bad espisode, I'm looking forward to Smallville getting out of high school, as its school-related content has never held a candle to Buffy. It was weird seeing Kandyse McClure as a high school student. I know she's not any older than Tom Welling, but I'm used to seeing her in a distinctly adult role.

  4. I actually could buy Kandyse as a high school student immediately, but I think it's because a terrible childhood show I used to love called Angela Anaconda also featured a pretty black crony of a mean girl so my mind immediately accepted it.
    I for one though was actually kind of getting into the Clana dance in the end, but then Jason actually freakin appearing to catch them like I always joke about in other instances ruined it for me. Not the time, show! Don't date possibly the last overt Clana moment in the show with that! Maybe it's the ghost of Alicia mucking it up
    Btw I love the song "Martha" was jamming out to, it's stuck in my head now which is sad because I can't remember the dance's song anymore lol


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