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Smallville: Visitor

Lex: "Clark, if you were really an alien, would you go around telling people about it?"
Clark: "Probably not."

This was a complex story with pathos and ambiguity, not just the usual monster of the week. Clark doesn't want to be the only one of his kind, and who can blame him?

And we really didn't get definitive answers. Yes, Cyrus was most likely just a deluded and confused meteor freak, but what if he really was an alien? At the very least, being presented with the choice of "going home" made Clark certain that Earth really was his home. He told Cyrus, "Everything I care about is on Earth." Clark is starting to accept what he learned about himself in the previous episode.

Meanwhile, Dr. Helen Bryce started playing out the Smallville version of Bluebeard's curious wife. How about that Clark collection Lex has now? Lex actually believes at this point that the meteor shower may have covered the landing of an alien spaceship; he's way too close. I was surprised that Lex unbent enough to share his obsession with Helen. Maybe he really loves her.

And now, as a confidant of both Lex and the Kents, Helen has a very interesting dilemma. What will she do?

Bits and pieces:

— The subplot about Cyrus healing Whitney's horse was kind of nice. Lana doesn't need any more grief in her life at this point.

— National Inquisitor headline: "Gold-digging Doc Bags Billionaire Baldie!" Gotta love the alliteration.

— The plot gave the writers a chance to go nuts with the alien jokes. There were so many sly references that I didn't even attempt to record them all.

— The meteor rocks were called "Kryptonite" for the first time.

— Cyrus lost his mind and ended up catatonic. At least we don't have yet another person running around knowing Clark's secret. For now, anyway.

— The crazy tower that Cyrus built was like Glory's tower in season five of Buffy.

— Clark torched a truck. One point.


Clark: "I think Cyrus is in his own world. Takes teenage alienation to a whole new level."

Lana: "Well, we all have our ways of escaping from our lives. I ride, Chloe writes, and you... you do incredibly strenuous farm chores by yourself."

Chloe: (to Clark) "I mean, can you imagine being from another planet?"

Another good one. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. We're beginning to see the rifts in the Lex/Clark story here. The room, creepy as it is, clearly shows us that Lex (who, finally, is nobody's fool) is suspicious and is going to keep digging until he discovers the truth.

    Lex's sly comments to Clark are becoming more and more pointed. Either Clark is unaware of how pointed they are, or he is ignoring them. Either way, this is not going to end well.

    Finally, are we seeing some romantic competition between the two boys? Clark's grin, when Lana chose his barn over Lex's, was interesting.

  2. I am years late discovering this page but wanted to comment as I have enjoyed reading most of them. I loved this episode and how although Clark clearly thought he could fool Cyrus by pinning the heat vision on him, Cyrus wasn't THAT crazy. LOL

    i will admit I am surprised that you noted that Lana didn't need any more grief in her life. You don't care for her at all so that was nice. I loved Lana personally as well as her chemistry with Clark. Plus, I was okay with him loving her and wanting to be with her as I am usually a stickler for the history although I recognize that all shows and movies take creative license.

    I love Lex's chemistry with Helen and I loved Helen. I knew she would not last in the long run but it was fun while it lasted and I was happy he opened up to her. And yes, it was cool to see Lex tell Clark that Lana chose his home over his.

  3. Thanks so much, iloveclana -- that was a very nice comment to make, considering that "You Love Clana". :)

  4. "The subplot about Cyrus healing Whitney's horse was kind of nice. Lana doesn't need any more grief in her life at this point." It was nice to have a meteor freak that wasn't bad in some way.
    I also loved how Clark and Pete's relationship about who he is is so relaxed now. "It's called Kryptonite." "Kryptonite. Is that with a C or a K?"
    This episode showed us that Chloe would likely be receptive to finding out Clark was from another planet. This really should have made Clark more likely to tell her earlier than she found out. It was also a bit sad, and foreshadowing, that Lana admitted the knowledge that someone was an alien would freak her out.


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