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Smallville: Precipice

Sheriff Adams: "I ran a complete check on your son, Mr. Kent. He's been at more crime scenes than Eliot Ness."

Another strong episode. (There have been a lot of good ones in season two). This one was quite possibly the first to be exclusively centered around real life bad guys instead of meteor freaks with superpowers. I was actually a little shocked by the three guys attacking and nearly raping Lana, and Helen stalked by Paul, her violent ex-boyfriend.

Clark lost his temper with Lana's attackers, confirming that yes, he can be a real guy at times. It made sense that Ethan's replacement, the wry down-home Sheriff Adams, jumped to the logical conclusion that Clark was a troublemaker and made him do community service. It takes a bit of experience to deal with the weirdness that is Smallville, after all.

What was best was that a lot of this episode was about Lex. We saw his strength and his essential goodness as well as his temper. And we saw him fight; we've never really seen Lex fighting before. I found it interesting that, when Lana felt helpless and needed answers, she turned to... wait for it... Lex. She said, "Lex has a way of bringing out a side of me that's both scary and liberating at the same time." Now, that was a really interesting thing to say, Lana.

This unusual episode ended with Lex proposing marriage to Helen. What will she say? Can she live with a billionaire who is obsessed with a Kansas farm boy?

Bits and pieces:

— Anson Mount did a good job as Helen's psycho stalker ex-boyfriend.

— In the teaser, Clark tossed all three of those jerks that attacked Lana. He threw the third one right into a police car windshield. That makes five points in just one scene.


Sheriff Adams: "Flying boys aren't something you see every day."

Paul: "You really are paranoid."
Lex: "No, I'm just a frighteningly good judge of character."

Clark: "Lana's a wreck, I'm picking up trash, and this guy's walking around free."

Lex: "And I know it doesn't make you mad that you needed Clark Kent to save you. Again." I just loved this one.

Lana: "Relax, Clark. I'm not about to go prowling the night fighting crime."

Loved it. Three and a half stars? I might even go for four,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Paul was played by Anson Mount, who now stars as Cullen Bohannon on Hell On Wheels. Muuuuuuch scruffier on that show, for sure.

  2. And, yes... I'm aware I'm going through these episodes mighty fast. :) Can't help it. Love this show.

  3. For a show that centres so much around a superhero, it was good to see the girls step up. I love the fact that neither Helen nor Lana accept being a victim and that both of them are more than capable of taking care of themselves.

    I agree that the Lana/Lex relationship is interesting. There is a lot of underlying something there. And I completely agree with your quote of the week. That one made me smile!

  4. Anson Mount makes this one a really weird watch after Star Trek: Discovery.


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