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The Dead Zone: Dead Men Tell Tales

Walt: "What the hell are you doing in a limo with a hooker in a funeral procession for a mob guy?"

What do Indian casinos, plumbing fixtures, King Arthur, and pre-emptive murder have in common? To tell the truth, I'm not really sure.

I had the hardest time writing a review for this episode. It was complex and well-written, the story came together and worked, and the ending was touching. Maybe it was the hardboiled detective genre that didn't work for me – the tired "cherchez la femme"; the plot device of starting at the end; the wiseguy romantic who wanted to be a knight in shining armor; the bad Titanic-like music that I'm certain was intended to be bad. Maybe it was too much of a cliche that the hooker with the heart of gold wanted to leave the big city life in central Maine and return to Minnesota. Maybe it was Johnny constantly using his gift, which I think lessens its impact as a plot device.

Greg Stillson was pretty much an after-thought here, used as a reason for Johnny to get involved in the first place. I still don't understand why Johnny doesn't just tell Sarah and Walt the truth about Stillson. Of course, now it's too late; Sarah will suspect Johnny is just jealous or something.

One thing this episode did was feature the evil Sonny Elliman, Stillson's buddy and second in command. I remember Sonny being an important character in the original book. He tried to have Nina killed. What a prince.

My absolute favorite scene was Johnny deliberately winning big in the casino, from which he is now banned for life. Did you notice that the neon sign on the casino was the same symbol that was used in the shaman episode from last year? It was supposed to represent Johnny and his cane.

Bits and pieces:

— Michael Hall did his usual superior job as Mickey in Johnny's visions. He looked like a completely different person even before he opened his mouth.

— Has Greg Stillson had sex in every episode he's been in? I think he has.


Fitz: "I read about him in the Star. He predicted that whole J. Lo Ben Affleck thing."

Fitz: "There's a certain separation of the classes involved. You know, like on the Titanic?"

Johnny: "What are you going to do? Get me in the psychic witness protection program?"

Dan liked this one, but I didn't care much for it. Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. walt doesn't like it when johnny is at the funeral with mob men and he lets him know about it like how he was in a limo with the very beautiful prostitute nina and pouring a drink for her shows how nice a guy johnny really is. johnny gets involved with some dangerous men when they mistake him for killing a gangster named mickey doyle and had his eye on nina while she didn't know him that well. nina getting raped by stillson's men and johnny seeing her lying on the bed in time to save her life made me hate stillson and sonny elliman. johnny's winning really big at the casino at which he is banned from.

  2. Such a great episode! I mean, the story was catchy, the plot was interesting, the characters were cool. Everything was there! This episode had a rather emotionally romantic tone, if you ask me. I really love the melody that plays whenever Johnny has a vision of Nina, it’s so beautiful and sad at the same time. SPOILER ALERT: Basically, Johnny was trying to help a girl named Nina after a guy named Mickey Doyle got gunned down after Johnny told Donnegan that he had a vision of Mickey shooting him. It’s one of those jigsaw puzzle sorts of episodes, you have to get all the pieces together to understand. Kinda complex I give you that but really enjoyable as I mentioned. On a funnier note, Johnny finally decided to play at the casino. “Banned for life, I knew Bruce would be heartbroken.”😂 Also, this episode shows us how much evil Sonny Elliman was. Walt and Johnny aren’t in the best of terms in that episode, in fact Johnny is being interrogated by him at the police station and Johnny is telling him about everything that happened to him (well maybe not EVERYTHING) so it’s kinda like a story being told in some of that LOTR prologue kinda way. Also, some references to King Arthur and the round table for the fans. Johnny ends up storming out of the interrogation room and curse Walt. The sad theme is being played once again at the end of the episode. Anyhow, great one! 8.5/10.


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