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The Dead Zone: Lotto Fever

Marsha: "You're not a millionaire, Boyd. You're a mailman with a mental condition."

Cue the "going postal" jokes.

Johnny has been kidnapped before. I don't mind story repetition when it's done well. This wasn't done well. I mean, here we have this guy, Boyd Lumely, the postal worker. Lumely, quite irrationally, blamed Johnny for poor decisions that Lumely made all on his lonesome. Lumely committed a felony by kidnapping Johnny at gunpoint, and risked Johnny's life in order to fix his own problems. And in the end, the two of them were shooting the breeze together like all of it was a mild fraternity prank. I don't know. I'd be thinking restraining order at the very least, and five to ten in Sing Sing at the most.

With plots like this, it's easy to see what's coming. You know they're going to get caught in difficult situations, but everything will work out in the end. What you need to do is (1) make the characters very likable, and (2) add in a few surprises. Maybe it would have worked if Lumely had been more likable, and I had really cared that he was planning to off himself for the insurance. But no. Frankly, I just wanted to smack him. He won the lottery, and just frittered all the money away. And then he blamed everyone else for what he did. Grow up, buddy.

The scenes I liked the most were Johnny's inept attempts to win at poker. I also really liked the early scene where Johnny found out lots of different things about Lumely by touching each of his keys. But that was it.

Bits and pieces:

— Wow. Sarah exists. At least for a couple of minutes on the phone, anyway.

— They just happened to end up at Lumely's daughter's school for the midnight whatever. Yes, that's when they usually have grade school events: midnight.

— Anthony Michael Hall looked fabulous in a black tux.

— No Bruce in this episode.

I just didn't like it. And I'm getting discouraged about season five. Two stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. What would you do if you won the lottery? Whatever it is, don’t follow Boyd Lumley’s example as bad investment and unnecessary expenses ruined his millionaire’s life and now he has to pay back some “local shark” he owes a lot of money hence kidnapping Johny and using his psychic’s gifts to help him in that mission. I really loved that episode, and one of the main reasons behind it is the character of Boyd himself, he was such a funny dude. The fact that he’s threatening Johny at gunpoint in the beginning suggested a very dangerous person (possibly a killer) but as the episode goes, we come to realize he’s totally harmless and the fact that he reveals he never meant to shoot Johny testifies to that. Furthermore, meeting his whole family made me like the character all the more, obviously none of them was proud of what he did with his money and it’s probably how he learned his lesson (at least I hope). The scene where Johny played poker was pretty funny, especially since his abilities didn’t enable him to win. I really enjoyed Johny and Lumley’s little escape plan and how they thought they were safe until they realized that the hitman was right there and about to kill them, that little “close call” is always something I love about the show, when it feels like things are gonna get ugly, someone shows up to save the day! Also, I loved the scene where Boyd’s former colleagues pretend to attack him by hitting his wife’s car with baseball bats, making Lumley very upset... Overall, awesome episode, Lumley was a great asset! And Johny was awesome as always, we can tell by the end of the episode he liked Lumley.


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