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The Dead Zone: Re-Entry

Greg: "If there was anything wrong, I'd be the first to know about it."
Johnny: "No, I think that would be me."

Has Greg Stillson done a 180? Really? Hard to tell, wasn't it?

Greg was still all about the ambiguity. Even though he came to Johnny for help with the space shuttle crisis, his motives were as clear as mud. Sarah apparently believed that Greg had truly changed and she could be right, but saving the shuttle was crucial to his approval rating, after all. And he did indeed console Emily Wilcox in one room, while planning to shoot her husband down in the other.

Although much of this episode was Johnny and Greg (and I've always enjoyed Johnny/Greg scenes), the rest was good, too. I really liked the way Megan Wilcox, after her initial freak-out, became so accepting of Johnny's talents that she kept putting the dog tags in his hands. I also liked the parallel consolation scenes between J.J. and Emily, and Sarah and Megan. Loved Sarah eating everything in the kitchen. And Johnny standing on top of the space shuttle with the Earth above his head may have been the coolest vision they've ever done on this show, and that's saying a lot.

When Sarah unexpectedly went into labor, I was certain we were going to get an overdose of heartwarming. But no. It was quite poignant. Walt was there for Sarah when she had Johnny's son, and Johnny was there for Sarah when she had Walt's daughter. Sort of a full circle. Or a triangle. Whatever. Add it to the Wilcox family reuniting, and it was downright moving.

Bits and pieces:

— Sarah named her daughter Hope.

— The one thing that really didn't work for me was the vice president so heavily involved in the flight of a private space vehicle. The producers probably didn't get permission to mention NASA, but really. "Go Space"?

— The thing with the satellite reminded me of the satellite we saw in one of Johnny's Armageddon visions, but it didn't appear to be related.

— My question in last week's review was answered. They're still using the exterior of Johnny's house in Vancouver. Or an incredible facsimile.

— They froze Walt's pension? They froze the pension of a dead cop's pregnant widow?

— Just like in the first episode of the season, I got the distinct impression that Greg was indeed still warm for Sarah. He gave her his private number, too.

— J.J. missed Walt, but he was certain that Johnny could fix anything. That was nice. I also thought it was nice that Johnny didn't feel the need to freak little Emily out with his visions.


Wilcox: "Unfortunately, we still haven't figured out how to get a decent caramel latte up here."

Sarah: "I'm guessing being vice president is about as hard as it looks?"

Johnny: "There's still time."
Johnny has probably said this in more episodes than any other phrase. It's the Dead Zone mantra.

This one got to me. Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. i amthe infant actress (yes im a girl) tghe other actor is a boy i dont know who he is. yeah i was just wondering if you knew the other actor. thanks

  2. The extended cast is on the IMDb page for this episode -- does this help?


  3. i was really taken by this episode and it shows the love between sarah and johnny even tough johnny can't save everyone. sarah giving birth at the end and hope is really adorable. it's a really heartwarming scene when walt was there when sarah was giving birth to johnny's son and now johnny is there with her when she has her baby.the spacewalk scene was really cool that there was a real space disaster going on but everyone came out alive. five out of five stars on this one.


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