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The Dead Zone: Ego

Johnny: "You know, you can have your own wing."

Walt died in the last episode, and Sarah and J.J. are already moving in with Johnny? Wow. That was fast.

Let me elaborate on that a little. Johnny has always taken his responsibility toward Sarah and J.J. very seriously, but has kept his distance out of respect for Walt. It was completely in character (and commendable) for him to be there, and super there, for both of them now that Walt is gone. Sarah spent much of this episode pushing Johnny away. Why did she suddenly give in? Was it because of her extreme circumstances, widowed and very pregnant? Because Sarah realized that J.J. was being an uber-adult when he still needed to be a kid? The disastrous Pepto Bismol pink walls in the nursery?

I think I just answered my own question. Never mind. It's not like Johnny is a stranger; he's J.J.'s father, after all. I've always wanted Johnny and Sarah to have the marriage that circumstances denied them. Maybe I'm going to get my wish.

In other news, I was worried that we were going right back to Johnny Smith, Psychic Detective, and we sort of did -- but the whole shrink with a stalker patient plot had some complexities and was somewhat intriguing. The brand new sheriff, Anna Turner, was hard to figure out, though. At first, I thought they were introducing another possible love interest for Johnny. She would be a total skeptic at first, eventually get won over, and then they'd get involved. But she was outright hostile, even toward Sarah. And the way she took Walt's computer from Sarah was just weird. She was looking at their personal photographs, too. Alarm bells, for sure.

The switch in shooting locale from Vancouver to Montreal has made "Cleaves Mills" look a lot more like New England. We still haven't seen Johnny's house, though. I wonder if they're going to use the same outside shots of the place in Vancouver, or if they'll try to pass off a new house as Johnny's. We shall see.

Bits and pieces:

— Brand new two-second credits. The cast was listed as Anthony Michael Hall, Nicole deBoer, Connor Price (the new J.J.), and Cara Buono (the new sheriff). No John L. Adams, which did not make me happy. Please bring Bruce back, powers that be.

— I liked that J.J. confided in Johnny, and that Johnny in turn confided in Sarah. I think Johnny needs to tell J.J. the details of his vision about Walt's death.

— Walt's secret thing about Johnny has come up again, and there appears to be something on his computer. The computer that the new sheriff confiscated.

— I thought at first that Nina the shrink hadn't even heard of Johnny, but she had. She even did the old saga sell. ("Until you were in a coma for six years and your fiancee married another man...")

— Jeffrey called Johnny "Blondie, spooky eyes."


Anna: "I'm going to do you a favor, and not arrest your ass for stalking."

Mike: "I know how you feel. If you're not wasted, your life is."
Johnny: "That's dark."
Mike: "So's the world."

Sarah: "What you gotta do is start acting like a twelve-year old boy. Play a video game. Eat something disgusting. Call a girl and hang up."

Pretty good. Three out of four stars?

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. johnny and the psychiatrist nina were having feelings for one another when nina was being chased by several patients. she's a pretty redhead shrink who can't tell johnny what he feels but she can help him. jj has been having nightmares about walt's death and sarah asks johnny to talk to him about it. sarah please go live with johnny and you two will be back together in no time. nina was waiting for a date with johnny as i could tell she liked him alot. the patient calling johnny spooky eyes was funny. sheriff turner coming over to confiscate walt's computer and looking through it wasn't right either. the montreal locations were pretty as they moved the show from vancouver.

  2. sarah stills pushes johnny away even when he's trying to help her out while jj is having nightmares about his dad walt's death until sarah says he should be a ten year old kid again. jj's painting walls staking the driveway and helping out his mom because she's pregnant. sheriff turner took sarah's laptop and went through walt's accounts when johnny noticed it on her desk asking her what she's doing with that. johnny becomes suspicious when nina is having trouble with several of her patients when one of them is a police officer who knows about her and johnny leading to her almost getting shot by sheriff turner. sarah finally agrees to move in with johnny when she wants to leave the house her and walt lived in.

  3. jj wakes up after having a horrible nightmare of walt while mom sarah is trying to keep it all together while being pregnant. sarah is on her laptop when johnny walks in with sand for the driveway when sarah gets a call from the sheriff saying she needs to pick up walt's pension but johnny says he do it. he meets the new sheriff anna turner and she doesn't like all that much when johnny tells her she's going to shoot and kill someone. johnny goes to the restaurant where the woman in his vision is and she turns out to be an attractive psychiatrist dr. nina jorgensen and johnny likes her and she likes him while he says there are three patients who want her dead. the three patients and one who happens to be her ex-husband jeffrey. sheriff turner goes to sarah's house and takes her computer before she can go through what walt had hiding.


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