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The Dead Zone: Unreasonable Doubt

Judge: "Now then, what's the verdict? Thai or Italian?"

Twelve angry men, with a Dead Zone twist – Johnny could touch the evidence and see what actually happened. Which, interestingly enough, didn't give him all the answers, and we were not all that sure at the end that justice was served.

All of the jurors were distinctive in some way, but there were standouts. The guy in the wheelchair, Vic Goodman, was played by the wonderful Jim Byrnes of Highlander and Wiseguy; Ben Cartwright, the final holdout, was played the talented Blu Mankuma. There was also Johnny's fan the web guy, and the assault victim, who may have found a new romance at the end. How likely is it, though, that two jurors would already be victims of similar crimes, and a third would have a brother in prison? Don't they screen people like this out of jury pools when trying a violent crime?

It was a good writing choice to limit the courtroom scenes and show everything from the jurors' perspective and Johnny's visions. This episode could have been even more predictable than it was; Blu Mankuma's performance and the excellent writing made it special.

Bits and pieces:

— This episode was filmed seventh, but aired fifth.

— Very interesting that Johnny chose not to touch the defendant at the end. Maybe Carl Winters was heading in the wrong direction and this close call set him straight. Or not.

— Having Bruce open Johnny's mail for him was wise. ("I could settle for snakes. It's the little bubble-wrapped offerings that creep me out.")

Well written, well acted, absorbing episode. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. As you say, much better than it might have been. It was hugely predictable, but the performances were worth the watch.


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