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The Dead Zone: Visions

Bruce: "Okay, you know what? Now you're starting to actually make negative sense."

This episode finally told us what was going on with the strange guy in the cloak who has shown up:

— during "The Storm," in the woods, near the carnival people;
— on the other side of the campfire in "The Mountain;"
— in a hallway of the arena in "The Combination."

The guy with the cloak is the future Christopher Wey, another psychic with a coma-induced dead zone, and what we were seeing was (pun alert) double vision, like with the Shaman in season one.

Dreams led future-Wey to the Washington Monument. How did the head of Johnny's cane end up at the Washington Monument? At the end of last season, we saw Johnny touching the Washington Monument after the end of the world. Did Johnny die there, in the future? Or did he just leave his cane there?

Our first conundrum is, if Johnny saves Wey and his family, Wey won't be able to tell Johnny how the world ends. Solution: Johnny doesn't arrive in time to save Wey from his coma, although he does save Madeleine and Julia.

Our second conundrum is, how does Johnny end up on the cover of that news magazine, with the caption, "Will This Man Destroy The World?" It brings up all kinds of interesting questions... like, is Johnny's dead zone somehow related to Stillson causing Armageddon? Will Johnny turn to the dark side, like he did in "Zion?"

It was a bit far fetched that Wey could see what was actually in Johnny's time as well as what Johnny saw in his visions. Sort of vision-palooza. But it was still a cool idea, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it in season three.

Bits and pieces:

— Walt is a runner, huh? Was Johnny really unhappy about not being able to run any more, or was it just seeing Walt, Sarah, and J.J. looking like the perfect nuclear family that bugged him?

— Christopher, Madeleine, and Julia Wey lived in White Plains, NY, at 1356 Primrose Lane, blue house. Dan and I both remembered that Robocop's family lived on Primrose Lane, too. Useless sci-fi trivia, c'est moi.

— Christopher had more than Johnny, and he threw it away. I agree with the psycho private detective; I've never understood guys who cheat for the sake of cheating.

— It was interesting that no one noticed Johnny feeling up Wey's car. And talk about embarrassing visions. Also interesting that no one in White Plains recognized famous psychic Johnny Smith.

— Bruce did not look thrilled when Lt. Sandowski asked for his last name and contact info. Being John's friend isn't easy. "Why do you always manage to find the most insane situation possible, and then get me stuck in the middle of it?"

— The news magazine was "Ne - - - - ek." Obviously "Newsweek," although I could come up with some silly alternate titles if I thought about it for a while.

— The "Faith Heritage Alliance Race for Peace." Now, that's a cause I could support.

— Okay, I have to mention the obvious pun. Could Christopher be there to show Johnny the Wey?

— Michael Hall looked thin in this episode. Considering how much he does, with co-producing as well as acting in almost every scene, he must be exhausted at the end of a season. Mr. Hall, take care of yourself! We care!

— Officer: "Sheriffs, religious leaders, politicians... what are you, psychic to the stars?"

The extended second season has given us some excellent episodes, and a wonderful break from the summer television blues. Three out of four stars, and I'm looking forward to season three,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. this episode is so good. frank whaley was incredible as christopher wey and i'm glad they cast him in the show.the hospital scene was eerie.christopher wey's family was cute with johnny saving the daughter's life.


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