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Billie Doux, the Blog

I'm Billie Doux, and I review sci-fi (and mildly sci-fi related) shows for several web sites. I've been doing it since 1997. Currently, I review Lost, Alias, and The Dead Zone. I used to review Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

I was a featured reviewer on TVTome, which used to be a huge, wonderful, fan-run site. It was the easiest site to navigate, a reliable archive for my reviews. Unfortunately, TVTome has been sold and has become TV.com, a commercial site. Early reports that it would turn into a free-for-all piece of dreck have been confirmed. Which means I need a new place to archive my reviews.

So I've expanded my home page, BillieDoux.com, to include all of my episode reviews, so my readers won't have to hunt around for them any more. And I'm going to post pretty much everything here on my blob. Er, blog.

Stay tuned. And please bookmark me. I'm so needy.