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Spring Guest Book

Here's my guest book for the spring of 2006. Feel free to check in, say hi, and leave a comment.


  1. I've been reading your reviews once I first found them on TVtome. I watch every show that you review so I have grown to love this site.

  2. Hi.
    you are one of the best, funniest, and the most honest writer, and reviewr i know. dont dare stop.

    Zav Shotan.

  3. here's a question I've been meaning to ask for a while, especially after last week's episode review:

    Did you make it a conscious decision not to listen to Battlestar Galactica series creator Ron Moore's episode commentary podcast?
    Often in your reviews you raise questions and theorize about details which Ron clearly explains in the commentary -- available for download even before the new episode has aired.
    I can certainly understand why you would not want to listen to it and prefer to fantasize about tantalizingly mysterious reasons for certain things rather than to hear the mundane reality.

    It's just something I was wondering about.

    By the way, I come hear to read your thoughts on Lost and BSG, and I'd be happy to see you cover Veronica Mars as well.

  4. Hi Billie! I would just like to say that you have great taste in TV Shows. I loved Buffy and I love Alias, Lost and Smallville. Those and Without a Trace are my favorite TV shows. I found you looking for Alias reviews and read all your Alias, Lost and Smallville ones too! Thank you so much and you are bloody brilliant!

  5. Hi Billie.
    I left a guestbook message in December and I wanted to thank you for the response. That was cool. Just thought I'd say that Sayid on Lost is my favourite character, partially because Naveen Andrews is ho-ot! I enjoyed reading your review of One of Them, and I definitely agree that Henry Gale is one of them.
    I can't wait for your review of the Claire ep. I, for one, loved it, although I don't know why Locke is falling for Henry Gale's bullshit. He usually isn't that dumb.
    Anyways, love your site and reviews! :)
    -Emily R

  6. Hi!
    I am a devoted La Femme Nikita fan and I've found your site following a link I don't remember anymore:) Anyway, I'm here to stay. I LOVE your reviews on the show and I must say that I'd probably never notice some details or symobolism in it myself (i.e. the obvious colour motive). Thanks for that:) I can't wait to read your impressions concerning season 5, very soon I hope.
    I'll be back to check that,

  7. Hey there. Just wanted to say your LFN reviews are GREAT and the reason I come check this site. I was reading your last review, in which you were wondering what Quin's first name was. It's Kate. In CAFS, I believe, when she's introduced as a cast member and she stops Section from being blown up, she says: "Focus Kate, focus." Kate Quin is also a LFN fan, who won a competition and a character was named after her. Hope I helped. Keep up the good job.

  8. Hi Billie!

    Just wanted to wish all the best and give you a big load of kudos on your insightful reviews. I'm a big Buffy, Angel & Alias fan and always love reading your insights, views and reactions to each episode. There would have been a lot of hidden themes or subtle aspects I might have missed if not of your guiding hand.

  9. Hey Billie!

    I just wanted to say I love your reviews! I've read every one you've written on Buffy and Angel! We agree on almost everything! Now,I read Smallville weekly. I know you have a life other than review writing but if you wrote about the older Smallville episodes it would be wonderful! If you're going to pick up a new show to write for though I would definetly say VERONICA MARS! Thanks for the great insights!

  10. Just found your excellent site while searching the net for the next Alias episode. Was pleasantly surprised to see your detailed reviews of that show and LeFemme Nikita - which is one of my all-time favorites. I will suggest two shows you might want to check out: Invasion and 24. I never liked 24 when it first came on, but started watching it this year and find it fascinating. (I hear Season 4 was very good also.) The actor who plays the President is marvelous - and they kill off guest actors at an amazing rate. If you try Invasion, which might get cancelled, let's see if you can figure out Sherriff Underlay - because I can't.

  11. Hi Billie, I've really enjoyed your LFN reviews. I had loved the series when it was first on, and was so disappionted when it went off the air that I tried to forget about it- until a friend bought me a used set of season one DVDs for Christmas last year. After watching 2 episodes I immediately ordered the next 2 seasons from Amazon, and I'm almost through season 3 now. But I am wondering- since season 4 will not be out on DVD until July 2006, how were you able to review all of the season 4 and 5 episodes? Thanks!

  12. Hi, everybody!

    Responding to Anonymous' question -- no, I don't listen to the BSG podcasts when the episode comes out. There just aren't enough hours in the day for me. I've listened to them on the DVDs, though.

    Responding to Lindsay's question -- I got personal copies of LFN seasons four and five from another LFN fan. I may expand those reviews a bit when the DVDs finally do come out.

  13. I like your reviews, but I think you let Sawyer off too much, as well as Ana-Lucia. So far I like Ana, but regardless of Jason's crime, she did take the law into her own hands.

    Sawyer has never done anything selfless that I can think of, everytime he's done something selfless he has benefited. What I really hate about him is that he wants to be hated, but when people do give him his comeuppance, he whines.

    Other then that, I enjoy your reviews and have been reading them since I was 13 and just getting into Buffy.

    I would love it if you would review Firefly.

  14. hey billie, could you please link my yahoo group for posters and fans of Six feet Under

    it's ....


    I'd be extremely grateful..

    P.s. looking forward to your reviews.

    My group has a list of my top 25 episodes of the series.

  15. Billie,
    Love your reviews.
    Will you review Serenity the movie?
    Are there really only 7 Firefly's?

  16. Just a small correction to the Lost 2.19 S.O.S. episode review:
    The Titanic wasn't the first ship to signal S.O.S., though it was a pretty new signal at the time. Several other less famous ships used it before 1912. More information for example at http://www.snopes.com/history/titanic/sos.asp

    Oh, and I love your reviews. Thank you for them.

  17. Hey, Anonymous:

    There are fourteen episodes of Firefly. Fifteen if you consider the pilot as two, since it was a two-hour episode.

    And yes, I'm reviewing the movie, too.

  18. Hi Billie!

    I´ve been reading your reviews for a while, especially those for alias and I really like your analysis of the eppies.
    I´ve got some suggestions for the review of 4-22 "Before the Flood": Don´t you think the Madonna is actually the fallen angel Irina was talking about...? that´s the moment when Nadia gets captured and the prophecy kind of starts to become true. And also, I liked your relating the chapter to Buffy (an all-time fav) but have you watched British movie "28 days later" (directed by Danny Boyle)? I heard several opinions as this chapter being kind of a copy of zombie movie Resident Evil, but I think is more like the anger infection in "28 days later" have you got an opinion about that?
    Really waiting for your reviews of new chapters...guess you are busy at the moment!
    PS really love La Femme Nikita too!

  19. I'm so glad you've decided to review Veronica Mars!!! I can't wait to read your insights!

  20. I can only agree with anonymus, i'm totally looking forward to your opinions and insights on Veronica Mars. In my opinion it's the best show on television and you will everything but regret reviewing it. The second half of the first season is maybe the finest plotting and storytelling i've ever experienced on TV.

    Greetz from Chris, big fan of your reviews.

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  22. Just wanted to share how much I enjoy your site. Reading your Lost reviews (and then discussing them with friends and family members) has become an official part of my viewing experience. And I'm excited you're going to be writing on Veronica Mars as well! The comparison to Buffy is apt, and as a fellow fan of the Whedonverse, I look forward to reading what you have to say about it.

  23. Actually, in Two for the Road, Henry tells Ana that she killed 'two of us' He's referring to Goodwin and the Other woman she killed with a rock.

  24. Oh, and another thing, RIver didn't attack Jayne. She attacked the Blue Sun logo on his shirt.

  25. Hi Billie!
    You should really get a comment box under the reviews (if possible)
    I think yes you would get comments.

    Sorry if my grammar isn't perfect--I'm French.

  26. I'd love to put a comment box under my reviews, but I don't know how to do that. I'm my own web master. And I'm not really all that adept at it. The best option I could come up with is a guest book on my blog.

    Emmelle, your grammar is fine. Your English is much better than my French.

  27. Billie, I'm enjoying your Veronica Mars reviews and I especially loved your latest review of "The Wrath of Con." It's interesting how much your opinion changed of Logan from that one episode. (I especially enjoyed the moment when Lilly made him confess what he thought of Veronica when he first met her.)

    I would also love a comments section below your individual episode reviews if it were possible. I look forward to the rest of your S1 VM reviews.

  28. BTW, Billie, just curious. It might be painfully obvious and I might be a dumbass, but are you bisexual?

  29. "It might be painfully obvious and I might be a dumbass, but are you bisexual?"

    Since I became somewhat visible on the net, several people have written to me privately asking a variety of questions. What do I look like, where are there pictures of me, am I a gay guy, am I a lesbian, and so on. One very nice gay man wrote to me for a long time, thinking I was also a gay man. That was probably because of my pseudo-masculine nickname, and/or because I was so into the Willow/Tara relationship on Buffy. Whatever.

    For the record, I'm a heterosexual female. I'm a mother, too. I don't care much for strict definitions because we're all complex creatures. Who knows? I could fall in love with another woman tomorrow; I don't discount the possibility. It happened to Willow, didn't it?

  30. I kinda think you're letting Sawyer off too easily while having problems with Michael. A lot of people make excuses for Sawyer, who uses, seducs and ruins women, and has killed an innocent man and then they have problems with Michael because he killed two people to get his son back.

  31. Hey Billie,

    This weekend I was impatiently waiting for your Lost and Alias reviews, checking your site almost every two hours. When my boyfriend noticed, he called my a total freak :-) He said something like: "Okay, being obsessed about TV-show is a little freaky, but having to read reviews for each and every episode, now that is VERY freaky." So I started wondering why I like to read them so much, and I think the answer is that the fun of these reviews is that, unlike with movie-reviews, it's always the same person reviewing them, giving her opinions and so on. I read your reviews not beacause I want to read a review, but because I'm always wondering "Hey, what would Billie think about this epi?". You have become like a secondary character to all tv-shows, where you want to know how your opinion about characters and plotlines evolves :-)

    Just to give you an idea about how much I enjoy your reviews: tomorrow I'll probably have the series finale of Alias, THE TV-show that got me addicted to TV-shows, and I'll be sad when it's over, but it will only be really really over when I have read your last review.

    Anyway, keep writing your "love-letters" for the shows (especially Lost and Battlestar Galactica :-p), I'll keep reading them as long as you keep writing them!

    Jonathan (Belgium)

  32. Yeah, I've been surprisingly sad the last few days after I realized Alias is officially over.

    The finale was extremely chaotic. While not the perfect ending, I was surprised it hit so many good points as it did. It's a shame the early part of the season was wasted on episodes like "Out of the Box" that did absolutely nothing to affect the season as a whole. In fact, what did we get from the body in the box anyways?

    Ahh well, my show is gone. Now I have to find a new favorite. Did you hear about NBC's "Heroes"? Greg Grunberg is one of the cast members. It sounds really interesting. You should review it if you can fit it in your crazy reviewing schedule. Keep up the good work.

  33. Hello, love your reviews of Buffy, Amgel and Lost, glad you've started Firefly, any chance of 24 or Prison Break?

    Anyhow there is another reason for this message, on the ABC message boards there is someone who posts youre "Character Bits and Pieces" and passes it off as his/her oen work, you will be glad to know i accused him/her of plagirism, but then claimed to be you, so i thought I'd ask you directly, as there is nothing more i hate than that.

    So basically, do you post on the ABC Lost Message Board?

  34. I love your page and encourage all of my fellow LOST pals to visit! I know it's not really within your genre but I'd love to see you review Big Love! It's such a bizarre show and I often think ... I wish Billie could tell me what to think here!
    Keep up the great work

  35. Re: plagirism

    Thanks for the heads up. I do not post on the ABC message board. Could I impose upon you to send me a link to where it is? My email address is billiecats at hotmail dot com.

    Re: other shows

    I watch a bunch of stuff that I don't review. I saw every episode of Farscape. I watch 24, Medium, and Deadwood, as well as a few other things. But I think I've reached my limit with four current shows; reviews are work. I might even have to drop one.

  36. Hey I started reading your Alias reviews at Tvtome and then moved on to your new sight where I also watch Lost, Alias, and Battlestar Galactica. Your reviews are very inteventive and fun to read. BTW- On not wanting to see Nip/Tuck because of plastic surgery. I don't mind the scenes but a friend of mine doesn't and she always closes her eyes during it (they always play music during the scenes so when the music ends you know the surgeries over) and she still loves the show. I the was still breathing. Now I'm laying in bed listening to a child cry on the monitor and debating whether I let him cry it out or get up and rock him so he'll go back to sleep.

    It doesn't seem that long ago that I was introducing


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