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Summer Guest Book

Here's my guest book for the summer of 2006. Feel free to check in, say hi, and leave a comment.


  1. Hi Billie, good to see that you're staying active (tv-wise) during the long dry summer :>. It's kind of a funny coincidence that you're reviewing Firefly and re-reviewing Buffy now, because the TV Squad is doing the very same thing as part of their Retro Squad section. I guess everyone goes back to Whedon when the TV gods send a drought our way :D

  2. I was just wandering, Billie, Serenity is my favourite movie, but what did you think of the Operative? Chietwel Ejifor's performance did a lot for me, I thought it was brilliant. Then again, every aspect of the movie spoke to me. I fell in love with it. Firefly is my favourite television show, and I went in with massive expectations. They were fulfilled beyond anything.

    To me, it's a classic. I love it. Glad you did too.

  3. Re: The Operative

    I liked him well enough. But I guess not enough to specifically discuss his performance in my review. My reviews are kind of from the gut; I talk about what I want to talk about, and ignore what I don't. Maybe I was just too involved with the other characters.

  4. Hi Billie. I'm yet another who loves your reviews and have enjoyed your website, blog, and your babies aka aliasreviews/lostreviews. I'm glad you're reviewing Veronica Mars because I got into later than other folks as well, but was thoroughly entertained. I thought the show really took off around the 3rd/4th disc and that is where you should be right now based on your reviews. I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts! Thanks!

  5. Billie: I'm thoroughly enjoying your Veronica Mars reviews of S1!

    But where did you get the idea that Celeste is Lilly's *stepmother* (as you said in your latest review)? She's not, she actually gave birth to both Lilly and Duncan (at least as far as we know thus far).

  6. Magnolia,

    You're absolutely right and I was wrong. I got the idea because during the pool scene, the ghost of Lilly says something to Celeste about her attitude toward her stepdaughter. I re-watched that scene last night, and Lilly was referring to Veronica, not herself. I'll take the reference out.

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I always love hearing what my readers have to say.

  7. Hi. I just read your last Veronica Mars review (1.19 Hot Dogs) You wrote that you don't know what PDA stands for. I think, and someone plaease correct me if I'm wrong, that it means "Public Display of Affection" ergo parents making out.

  8. Hi Billie! I am a big fan of yours and truly respect what you do on this site. I am fifteen and have decided to work in the tv industry when I'm older. I need to start getting involved so I thought of starting a website similar to yours where I can write reviews and interact with other tv addicts like myself. What advice can you give me?

  9. I read somewhere that if you want to be a writer, write. Practice, polish, work on it whenever you can. Take classes on writing.

    And it helps to have a friend who can design web sites. I didn't create mine; my friend Rebecca did. :)

    Good luck!

  10. And does she update it for you? Or do you do it? I love tv and I write recaps for tv.com but this idea seems so much better. It's also an added bonus to put on my college application, right?

  11. Hey anonymous....I also have started a website for television reviews (and some movies) at www.motionpicturereviews.com; I designed the sight myself using Tripod, which I highly recommend for novice web designers. It's very easy to use.

    I think Billie's comment to just write, then practice, polish and work on it is right on target. Just from working, editing, my reviews my writing has improved. If you look at my first Alias review and compare to my latest review (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) you can already see an improvement just in the course of six months. And the same goes for many other writers.

    Well good luck with your sight!

  12. Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your website! I followed your Alias reviews mostly, but I've always been a Buffy and Angel fan as well. It seems like we've both found Veronica Mars around the same time. I just bought the Season 1 dvds and can't wait for Season 2 to come out. Keep up all the good work! I know I'll be checking back for your insights into VM Season 2!

  13. hey billie,

    have to say i've loved your reviews since i was looking for good Alias reviews - and i was thrilled when you started doing V Mars, one of my favourite shows.

    any chance you'll be doing Doctor Who reviews? i read the series synopsis written by another writer, but i would love to see some Doc Who reviews on here.

    all the best, keep up the great reviews and you'll have a fan in me for years lol!

  14. Dr. Who really isn't in the cards, since I've seen maybe three episodes in my entire life. However, my friend Gavrielle does them.


  15. Hey this is a king of personnel question,I've been wanting to ask it for a long time but who is Dan? You mention him a lot in your reviews and It's just really been bugging me. lol.

  16. Hey Billie. I was reading your review on the series finale of Alias and I learnt that you weren't absolutely sure about Rambaldi's prophecies and endgames. I found a great place where everything is explained:


    Hope you enjoy it.

  17. Hi, I live in England so we've only just had the end of Alias season 5. I loved the show and have read your reviews from season 2. This is a thank you for having such in-depth reviews and making my Alias experience more enjoyable. Anything I didn't understand I could read the review and it made sense. I'm glad I was not the only one who cried more than once in the finale: i cried when Tom died, then Jack, then at the end because I couldn't believe it was the end of Alias! And I'm not a crying person!
    I'm still reading the Lost reviews, but we're only half way through season 2 here, and I've added Veronica Mars and Anfel to my rental list on amazon. I was a follower of Buffy from the beginning :D
    So thanks for being so clever and noticing things I never would! And I promise as soon as Lost catches up with America I will join the discussion group (I HATE spoilers. I have been known to avoid Alias forums for 2 years so as to be unspoiled).
    Thanks for reading :)

  18. Agh! You replaced Jack with the annoying Sawyer? Damn.

    I tend to think people let Sawyer off a bit lightly. He makes the annual funny comment, and a very good actor, but I feel no sympathy at all. People feel more sorry for Sawyer then the person he killed. What an end for poor Frank Duckett. Killed by a thug with a gun.

    Sawyer infuriates me. Can you please explain what's so appealing about him? To me, there's no excuse for killing anyone, for doing the things that he does. The other characters have had equally tragic pasts. It doesn't affect how they behave towards people. Which, in my opinion, makes Sawyer the weakest person among them.

    Anyway, away from my hate. It's not easy hating the most popular character on the show. I'm a Locke fan, first and foremost.

    The Others, the others, the others....Henry, Henry, Henry. Why do I get the feeling they regret killing off Ethan, and Henry was the original plan they had for the talented Mr Rom? Shame. I do want to see more of Ethan. Good actor, interesting 'look', interesting how he treated Claire. He looked like he had a crush on her to me. Shame about the cutting-the-kid-out thing.

    Hopefully we'll see more of him in season three flashbacks. Could be I'm just a big William Mapother fan.

    Just saying I love the reviews, even if I don't agree with all of them. Great writing.

  19. Dear Billie,

    I love your web site! I found it after just getting into La Femme Nikita (Michael... sigh...) on DVD. Then I realized we have the same taste in oh-so-many shows, including Buffy and Veronica Mars.

    Really, none of my friends watch Veronica Mars, so I just need to post this somewhere -- has anyone noticed the fabulous set design? All those opaque windows? All those withdows with blinds, colored glass, etc.? Love it -- just love it.

    Keep reviewing! Many biscuits!


  20. Mike here. Just wondering if you're planning on reviewing Heroes when it premiers on NBC?

    It'd be the first show that I could watch from the beginning with Billie reviews!

    Keep up the good work!

    Alias/Buffy PRIDE!

  21. Heroes is a possibility. I sort of have to fall in love, and I could fall in love with Heroes. The only show I've ever reviewed from the very first episode was Angel, though, and that was because I was such a maniacal Buffy fan. Usually it takes me a while to realize that I'm obsessed.

    I do plan to blog about what I think of the new shows this fall. When I say "new shows", I mean new sci-fi/fantasy shows, of course.


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