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Supernatural season finale

The Supernatural crew outdid themselves with their first season finale in an episode full of cliffhanging surprises and classic rock.

We probably all expected that continuing character Meg would, well, continue. But no. Instead, the Winchester boys rescued the real Meg, and she died. This was of course intended to set up the final showdown with the Ceiling Fire Demon possessing their father. The writers did a pretty good job there, with Dean suspecting Dad was possessed right up front and testing him with the holy water. Since possession was already addressed, we weren't expecting it when it happened. Well, okay, I sort of expected it, but it was still well done.

I spent a lot of time thinking Dean and Sam would lose their father. There were even moments when I thought we might lose Sam. And just when I thought it was all over and the three of them were okay (bloody, battered, but okay) they pulled an Alias with the shocking car crash and all. Guess we did get a character death for certain, since that old car was certainly a continuing character.

And now, the possessed driver of the truck is right there, ready to wreak havoc. Sam, Dean, and John are unconscious, injured and at its mercy. Cliffhanger. Wait until September to find out. Or possibly October.

Now what?

Supernatural has had a good first season. The show is great fun and has a lot of potential. But frankly, it still feels a bit fluffy to me. So what works, and what doesn't work? What would I like them to do next season?

Dean and Sam both work for me, Dean more than Sam. I like them homeless, living out of a car. The midwest thing works. I like the "reluctant monster hunter" thing, although it's probably time for the "reluctant" part to end. I like the disguises, too, when they masquerade as FBI agents or firemen or priests; great fun.

If they're smart, they should consider killing off Daddy Winchester. He's a good character, but having him constantly in the background keeps us thinking of "the boys" as overgrown children. The three of them worked out their conflicts this season, and Dean and Sam are solid with each other now. Dean in particular is ready to ascend, to be Senior Monster Hunter. And with Dean as Senior Monster Hunter, they should probably do more development of Sam's "abilities." Give the boys their own niche. Niches are good.

The monster universe needs work. It's sort of plot driven. Fantasy universes need semi-solid rules in order to give the audience a way to buy in. I liked the introduction of vamps with specific characteristics this season, and the revelation that Meg was possessed and saveable. I liked the Colt, and the diagram on the ceiling. We were told that supernatural events have increased recently for a reason, and that sounds like the writers may actually have a plan. I'm down with that.

The addition of continuing characters with a specific purpose would also be good. Characters that we could care about.

And could they please, please, please cut Sam's hair?

1 comment:

  1. It's very, very, average.

    I keep wanting them to do much more with the premise, moments of fun but the dialogue is constantly dull and the bulk of episodes have been virtual scene-for-scene copies with minor variations.

    The finale seemed very confused as to the 'rules' of the 'verse they're trying to establish...


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