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All the Supernatural premiere lacked was Demi Moore

Dean: "I full-on Swayzeed that mother."

Supernatural came out the gate with a very cool Ghost take-off. You gotta love a disembodied Dean stomping around, for the most part unintimidated by near-death, bargaining with the Grim Reaper. I do love Dean. And I like Sam better all the time, although I still wish he'd get his freaking mop of hair out of his eyes.

However, I don't like Daddy Winchester. I've never liked Daddy Winchester. So it was okay by me that he bit the dust. I knew almost from the start of the episode that it had to end with him sacrificing himself for Dean. I could feel it coming. Dan did, too; he kept saying, "Yes, yes, kill him off!" The relationship between Dean and Sam is what makes this series hum, anyway, and I always thought that having Dad around threw it off.

My favorite part? Loved Sam buying a ouija board to talk to the disembodied Dean.

I hope their car isn't dead. I like that car; it's practically a cast member. And the cast is small enough, already.


  1. I just read your article on NZone and NO! No recasting Sam. I love Jared Padalecki. He's the whole reason I tuned into this show. He was Dean on Gilmore Girls and was supposed to star in the new MacGuvyer series which never got made. I loved him from the start and am starting to love Dean more and more. I spend half the show telling the boys how hot they are.
    Poor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Gets killed on season finale of Grey's and killed on season premiere of Supernatural. Tough life. But we'll see him again in flashbacks and such.
    Also, Jensen Ackles was supposed to be the new love interest the second season of Tru Calling but when he was unable to do the show, they named the character after him!

  2. Hum, my fave part was also the ouija board thing. It was REALLY funny.
    I'm sad that they killed dad, but I think there wasn't a way to keep him on the show. Besides, the series is about Dean and Sam and their relationship.


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