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Fall guest book

Here's my guest book for the fall of 2006. Feel free to check in, say hi, and leave a comment.


  1. I was reading a past guest book of yours and realized that you pronounce your name "Billie Doo". God, I feel so American, I've been pronouncing the X at the end of your name. lol.

    Hey, first one to sign this month's guestbook.

  2. Well, it's not her real name, so it's not as if it would be pronounced anyway. ;)

  3. Love your reviews! Found your site after watching season four of LFN -- your reviews were really helpful in trying to make sense of the season finale. Staying around for a lot of your other reviews, including Veronica Mars.

  4. I loved reading your Smallvilel S1-4 reviews. Do you want to go back through S5 and to the "points"? They're so much fun!

    - Michael

  5. You're a mind reader, Michael. That's exactly what I started doing last night.

  6. Hi. I just wanted to say that I love your reviews. Like you I absolutley love Lost, Alias & Veronica Mars :) And I have to recommend the Fox' Prison Break, according to me that's the best new series in years.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. I love your reviews. My absolute favorites are Alias, Lost & Veronca Mars. I do have to recommend the Fox series Prison Break. It has it all, a good romantic story like in early Alias and a thrilling plot.
    Keep up the good work! :)

  8. Billie, your reviews are jut great. I also love Alias:)

  9. Billie! It's Tracie Gabrielle's friend, Janet T. Checked out your comment on M. Night Shamalyan's latest and now I am not sorry I didn't see it. Although this genre is less my speed than drama, I promise to check back on your site from time to time. Kindest regards from Reading, PA.

  10. Billie - I'm still enjoying your VM reviews. But the link to the "next episode" at the bottom of 2.20 doesn't work.

    Have you seen the S3 premiere yet? It's online at msn.com.

  11. Hey Billie,

    Great to have you reviewing Veronica Mars live now! I wondered how you enjoyed watching it on TV instead of DVD. Glad you covered that in your review!

    I noticed the weird wig and such on the teaching assistant right away. At first I thought it might be some kind of clue, but then later I realized the actor was the same guy that played Lucky the Janitor last season. So now I can't decide if the wig was a clue or just a costume department ploy to make the actor less recognizable. Hmmm ...

    I liked the season premiere more the second time I watched it. Something felt off about it the first time. The dialogue felt forced and Logan seemed weird. Maybe his overall moodiness struck me as odd now that he should be more of a happy camper (he's got his dream girl after all). Could be he's cruising for a breakdown like you speculated.

    Can't wait to see how Keith gets out of this latest mess ...

    By the way, should comments in your guestbook be spoiler-free?

  12. Hey, Jess:

    Watching it live was different. The commercials threw off the rhythm for me. But they always do that.

    I've never thought about the issue of spoilers in my guest book thingy. I guess if someone posted a serious one, I'd have to do something about it. But until then, I shall blissfully ignore the issue. :)

  13. Loved the review of the Veronica Mars premiere! I thought the bad wig on the TA Tim Foyle was just to disguise the fact that he was the same guy who played Lucky last year.

    The only thing that felt off to me was Logan. Everybody else had some funny lines except for him. And normally he's the funniest character. I can't imagine what new viewers thought of him and they probably wondered what Veronica was doing with someone so sullen. I hope he gets his own story soon and isn't demoted to being "the boyfriend."

  14. I'm just going to say: i can't wait for your opinion on NBCs Heroes. (maybe a blog entry please ;) )

  15. Hey Billie,

    I enjoyed your review for the latest VM episode. It was a good episode. Lots of fun, quotable dialogue and folks seemed more like themselves this week. Logan definitely seemed more like his snarky self.

    Glad to see I'm not the only one confused by this whole Kendall-Cormac-Keith thing on VM. Did they just wrap up that whole business? What the heck? To be honest, I'm not sure I really care. I want the writers to find a way to incorporate Keith into the main story line a little better. More Keith-Veronica interaction!

    Although, I do wonder if Kendall is really dead. I think it is funny that if we don't see a body, we tend to assume that someone may not actually be dead. Too many years of soaps watching in my past! I think Cormac is really dead though. His brother is a pretty brutal, vengeful guy. In that case (and maybe Kendall's case), my guess is they just didn't want to get all gruesome on screen.

    I loved when Logan did the streaking at the end, but my favorite part of that scene was when Wallace said, "That sort of thing happens to me all the time!" Too funny!

  16. Hey Billie,

    LOVE your reviews! I've been reading them since the good ol days of brand new buffy and angel episodes, your commentary is wonderful!

    I was just wondering if you are warming up to Supernatural at all? I am really starting to fall for that show and would love to see it reviewed full time. These boys banter and relationships are what steal it for me, with the supernatural stuff as the filler. In a post "whedon" era, its the closest thing I've found to fill that void so far. Just wondering is all.

    But either way, I look forward to reading these always and looking back at the old BTVS and Angel reviews is a favorite pass time for me at work :-)


  17. So I was reading over you LOST reviews, and I noticed that in the second season, when Henry aka Ben was being held by the fusies, Locke offered him a book and Henry/Ben said, "You don't have any Stephen King?" Which is what the Others were reading in the book club, even though Ben was not invited. Just a thought.

    And by the way, I love your reviews. They are always so insightful and witty to read.

  18. Hey Billy,
    Here a fan of you from the Netherlands. I watch almost every show that you're reviewing/watching (thank god for downloading, Dutch tv is so boring)! So I was very happy when I found your site a few years back, reading the reviews from old shows like buffy, is like traveling back into time.
    But I was wondering if you also watch Bones (with David Boreanaz). I think the show is great, funny and entertaining, also David has great chemistry with Emily Deschanel !

  19. I think a good new tv show for the fall season that you should try reviewing is Brothers and Sisters! =D

  20. Hi Billie. I have a lot of thoughts on a bunch of your tv reviews, but I just wanted to share this link to an article that was written after an interview With Jason Doering aka Logan. I, too, agree that after I digested the season premiere (that I wasn't too high on), that I am doubting Kendall's death.

  21. Hi Billie! I love reading your reviews so much! I agree with all of them! Have you thought of reviewing Prison break? That would be amazing!

  22. Ahh! I freakin' love your reviews and I freakin' love Heroes. It only seems natural that the two should be combined!

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  23. Hey Billie! I was reading your LOST reviews as usual, and I just wanted to tell you not to worry about the whole, "maybe this is just a religious experiement" thing or whatever. I was thinking about how Henry/Ben said that he thought Jack (a spinal surgeon) falling out of the sky right after he found out he had a tumor proved to him God exists. But in the same episode they made a point to juxtapose Eko's line "Don't mistake coincidence for fate." I think that is saying that it is NOT just a religious allegory.

    The religious allusions give LOST a very spiritual element and depth, esp the constant "Jesus allusions" including in the most recent episode with the "rolling away the stone" and Yemi's body no longer being there, much like Jesus after the resurrection. But I think there is far more to the story and characters than being involved in a demented experiment of divine origins.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd go off on a little tangent.

    Always love your reviews!

  24. Hey Billie,

    In regards to your reviewing dilemma, you'll have a long break where Lost is off air and that could potentially accomodate an extra review show for a while? I suggest Heroes ;)

  25. Won't you write about "six feet under" anymore?
    I love your analisys about it.

  26. Lily asked about Bones and Adriana about Six Feet Under.

    I haven't seen Bones. I hear it's good, and I wish David Boreanaz the best, but I don't seem to connect with him when he's not wearing fangs.

    Adriana, I will definitely get back to Six Feet Under at some point. Summer at the latest. I was halfway through, and I don't think I'm capable of leaving something like this half undone. :)

    Thanks, everyone, for your great comments,


  27. Billster (yes I just called you Billster),

    I was wondering if maybe you would want to start reviewing episodes of Heroes now that Lost is on hiatus. In other words, I'm trying to rationalize with you to get you to watch/review the show because I'm desperate for your reviews. I need them like crack! After rationalization doesn't work, I'll move on to bribery and finally threats! You should just listen to Locke and accept your fate, which is to review Heroes.

    Now that I have officially creeped you out, I just want to say that I really liked tonight's episode of Lost. It was a big improvement from the predictability of last week's episode. This wait will almost be as bad as last year's long mid-season hiatus for Alias.

    Anywho, hope you're doing well. Keep up the good work!

    Your fan,

  28. Now that I've stopped laughing (my reviews are like crack? :) let me assure you that it could happen. It's pretty much impossible until things slow down, but I've recorded every episode of Heroes so far. That means my subconscious must be seriously considering it.

  29. I just luv all ur reviews,especially lost and buffy/ angel. I absolutely love Prison Break and would like u to review it. I am such a fan that I download the latest ones even though Prison Break has never been aired in INDIA. You should also try House. You will fall in love with Hugh Laurie.

  30. Hey Billie,
    I agree with you about how much better Lana has been on Smallville this season but are you not worried that every episode all she seems to do is go on about how she can't trust Lex. It's getting a little repetative.

    It's great that J'onn J'onzz is around and I hear that Clark is going to get all his superfriends (Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Green Arrow, that vengence girl from last season whatsherface) together in a few episodes time. Hopefully someday they'll get around to Green Lantern (Hal Jordan!!!) and Red Tornado. But I have a question, with all this focus on Ollie and less of Clark am I alon in thinking that this is going to be Smallville's final season and next year it's timeslot will be filled by a NEW AND EXCITING GREEN ARROW SPIN-OFF?

  31. Hey Billie!

    I'm re-watching Buffy (and Angel when I get to that time in the Buffy-verse-storyline) and so I'm also re-enjoying your Buffy-reviews (which I had only read some time after the series ended, so I never read them immediately after the episodes), and it's great fun :)!

    I also wanted to let you know that you have a lot of dead links in your list of articles. I don't know if you can find those articles back...?

    Jonathan from Belgium

  32. And hey again Billy,

    Don't know if it's the fact that I posted some feedback earlier today that gave me this idea, but here's the thing: Have you ever thought that, if you write some extra accompanying articles, select some of your older articles, brush up your reviews and write an introduction as to why you think the shows you review are more important/interesting then other shows, you could publish an entire book about tv-shows? I'm thinking something like "Loveletters from Space, Hell, Other Dimensions and Funny Islands", subtitle: "The
    Ultimate Guide to Fantasy TV" :-p I'm kidding with the titles, obviously, but the idea is serious. Granted, it would be a lot of work to make the texts suitable for publishing, but I think you could manage it... Certainly if you combine it with other, more general texts and articles about the subject (not necessarily all written by yourself). That way, you could get some money out of all the hard work you have been putting in your reviews over the last years... What d'ya think? (I totally understand it if you just want to see it as a hobby though, it was just, well, I thought maybe you hadn't thought about it yet, and that my mentioning it could give you the idea... :-p) I, for one, would certainly buy that book!

    Oh, btw, at this very moment I'm working on my dissertation (about theater-adaptations of Alice in Wonderland), and although it is no book, it still has to be a 'publishable' text some hundred pages. Point is: I have to say that it is less work than I had imagined when I started, so I guess that could be the case for publishing a book as well...

    And with that I'll leave you, it's 2.47pm here, I'm off to bed. (47! Haha :-) )

    Greetz from Belgium!