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Also known as Fatal Attack
Also known as Les Veufs
In English (1993)

David: "Is there a chateau somewhere around here?"

Entangled is a mangled movie with delusions of Basic Instinct.

Judd Nelson, whom I think is the star of this film, plays David, a novelist who is seriously injured in a car accident. Much of the action consists of flashbacks explaining how and why the accident happened. There is a beautiful model named Annabelle (Laurence Treil), who, for some odd reason, is taller than every man in the cast; I hate to be unkind, but her skills do not include acting. Pierce Brosnan has a confusing role as an enigmatic man who steals the authorship of David's book for reasons that are never satisfactorily explained. To me, anyway.

The "entangled" part refers to the strange and convoluted plot, which includes David's passionate affair with Annabelle, a book that he wrote that was published anonymously, and a couple of unintentional murders. There is a total lack of believable motivation. There is a lot of nudity, all Annabelle's. There are flashbacks within flashbacks, which I found annoying. At one point, Judd had extensive facial injuries and was walking around dragging one leg; I kept thinking of Igor "that's Eye-gor" in Young Frankenstein.

Roy Dupuis plays Max, David's mildly bohemian best friend, who sleeps around and takes photos of tourists for a living. Roy looked great; he wore jeans, boots, and a leather jacket, and had the longish tousled hair and the beard stubble that we all know and love so well. He was only in the first (and better) half of the movie and was basically there so that Judd would have someone to emote to. In fact, Roy's intensity overshadowed Judd's in a couple of scenes. Maybe if Roy had played the lead, this movie would have been better... no, I don't think anything, even more Roy, could have saved it.

The blurb on the video container told us, "You will surely be astounded and moved by the bewildering conclusion of Entangled." I was not astounded or moved, although I was indeed bewildered. This movie is painful to watch. It's almost as bad as Free Money. Frankly, the best thing about it is the Parisian scenery, and a brief glimpse of Roy in a towel.

This is another hard-to-find title. Take my word for it that this is a good thing.

One out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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