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Lost Missing Pieces #1: The Watch

Where it fits

Piece missing from: "Do No Harm" season one, episode 20. Goes between (Jack's flashbacks) Christian's late night, poolside arrival, and the wedding.


The scene opens with a deliberately misleading shot of Jack standing on a beach, tossing rocks into the ocean. It's only when the camera pans around that we see he's outside of an expensive beach resort and not on the Island.

Christian joins Jack on the beach, and after some lighthearted small talk about avoiding the wedding planner, Christian reveals that he actually came out to give Jack a family heirloom before the ceremony. He presents Jack with a silver watch that was given to him, by his father, the day he married Jack's mother.

Jack points out that he's never seen Christian wear the watch, and Christian concedes that he never has. The reason, he explains, is that when his father gave him the watch, on his wedding day, he told Christian that he didn't like Jack's mother, and thought she was the wrong choice for a wife.

Jack hesitates, and then asks if Christian is trying to tell him something. Christian replies that, unlike himself, Jack has made the absolute perfect choice. He turns to leave, but decides to say one last thing. He asks Jack to promise that if he and Sarah ever have children, that Jack will treat his children better than Christian treated Jack.

Rather than making the promise, Jack responds, "No pressure, right?" Christian pats him on the shoulder, and returns to the resort.

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