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Lost Missing Pieces #2: The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt

Since this review is my first for Missing Pieces, I feel like I should say a little about these webisodes (or perhaps mobisodes depending on how you first watched them). I didn't really know what to expect out of these brief films – would they just be deleted scenes? Would they be important for the overall plot? Would they give clues to the upcoming season (four)? After watching them, I realized that like Lost itself, these missing pieces don't fit easily into any categories.

A few of them are just amusing little scenes that add to the enjoyment of the show, but not much to the theories. While others seem to add more questions and more depth to the theories about Lost in general. As I am writing these reviews, I'll give some background (i.e. where does this scene fit in the overall series?) and reflect on any connections to season four.

I hope you enjoy reading them. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank Billie for asking me to write them.

Where it fits

Season two, episode 20, "Two for the Road."


Libby and Hurley's relationship is just starting to blossom. Hurley is trying to impress Libby by taking her on a romantic picnic to the same private beach location where Sayid took Shannon. After looking for the area for a while, Hurley realizes that he doesn't have any picnic supplies. They split up – Hurley goes to get wine, Libby goes to get the fateful blanket from the Swan Station.

Frogurt was first mentioned in episode 2.19 ("S.O.S."). Bernard asks Hurley to go get Frogurt (and others) to help with his project. He gives Frogurt his nickname because, based on what Bernard says, Frogurt used to make frozen yogurt. Although he starts to help Bernard, Frogurt, like the others, doesn't enjoy getting yelled at and leaves before the project is finished.


Hurley is trying to sneak out of Bernard and Rose's tent with a bottle of wine when Frogurt catches him. There seems to be some animosity between these two from the beginning. After Hurley calls him "Frogurt," he corrects him by saying his name is Neil. He then asks Hurley about his relationship with Libby. Frogurt tells Hurley that he has no shot of romance with Libby and that he should just get out of the way so other people can have a chance. Hurley explains about his upcoming picnic/date. Frogurt is impressed but still doesn't think it'll go anywhere and looks forward to a future of "Neil time" for Libby. Frogurt then turns to leave and the bad feelings between the two seem to continue.


This episode is definitely one of the amusing ones, not one about theories. Hurley's one of my favorite Lost characters, so of course I am always glad to see extra scenes with him. It's painful to see how some of the other 815ers view him, but nice that he gets to stand up for himself. In the end, as funny as this episode is, it's really just sad because we all know what happens next – in fact, Libby could be dying right at this moment.

I wonder if the reason this episode was included is because the writers wanted to make sure none of us had forgotten about Libby. She does show up again, even once with the infamous blanket, in "Meet Kevin Johnson" (4.8). I don't know about anyone else, but I'm hoping that was not the last of the Walking Dead Libby –maybe she'll play chess or connect four with Hurley in season five. Can the Walking Dead kiss? I guess there's a chance we could find out soon.

Random Info

Frogurt/Neil is one of the miscellaneous 815ers whom fans have been interested in (like Scott and Steve) to the point that Carleton/Damon felt the need to mention him again in one of this season's official podcasts. (Although it's difficult to ever know how serious they are with this often tongue-in-cheek information!) Apparently, Frogurt chose to go with Jack's group and not Locke's group because he hates Hurley so much. There was no shot of Frogurt getting on to any of the Zodiac journeys to the freighter, so it can be assumed that he was still on the island when it moved.


  1. Excellent Review! Very precise. I espcecially like the "Background" part...it helps me to piece in where this "missing piece" would go. Great work!

  2. Thanks! The missing pieces jump around so much, that it's helpful for me too!


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